Things Bloggers Don’t Love

As promised in this post last week, here’s a follow up regarding Things Bloggers DON’T Love.
Is it bad this list might be a little longer?

1. Bad internet connection.
The backbone of blogging is internet, so when I’m not connected, I’m gonna be mad. So basically anytime I’m at Starbucks or the airport.
2. When I’m out with friends and they say, so are you gonna blog about this?
Thanks to that comment, no, no I’m not.

3. Losing Followers.
Whether it’s on Instagram, or GFC, or bloglovin, or Facebook, it all hurts the same. But especially on Instagram when I post a photo I’m pretty excited about (usually it’s of food or Harlow) and I immediately lose about five people. That’s a real kick in the chest.
4. No-Reply commenters. 
Please for the love of God make sure you have your email attached to your user name. Because if you don’t and you leave a comment, we are not able to respond to you. Instead we start to respond, then go oh shit after we realize we’re responding to no one. If you’re rarely getting responses to your comments, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you don’t have your email attached. 
5. Gifs that don’t work.
If you use gifs you know what I’m talking about. They move when you find them, but not when you post them. WTF?
6. Spacing issues.
Screw you, Blogger, I said no SPACE!!! NO SPACE! 
7. Same goes for font issues.
Anyone else struggle with this? Sometimes Blogger refuses to let me choose the font I want. And then I proceed to freak out and hit my keyboard like a monkey with a baseball bat.

8. When people like to give me “topic suggestions.”
Every once in a while is fine, but every time I see you is not.
9. Bloggers block.
The same as writers block only a little worse because we attempt to browse other blogs hoping to “find an idea” while we wait it out. Which brings me to #10-
10. When I see a post I wish I would have written.
Damn it.
11. When the girl who started her blog six months after me “passes me” in a week.
Damn fashion bloggers. 
Just kidding, we all love looking at pretty photos of clothes. But seriously, damn you.
12. When I think I take a good photo but my arm looks fat.
Side fat-arm ruins lives.
13. When someone leaves a comment who’s probably never read my blog. Like ever.
“Love your blog, girly! And great post, my favorite you’ve ever written!”  This would be nice, except the fact I got this comment on a day I had a guest post.
14. When I put so much pressure on myself to write a post.
It’s just a blog post. Twelve year olds write blog posts. I need to stop pretending I’m writing articles for the White House sometimes. 
15. HTML.
I hate everything that has to do with HTML.
16. Spelling and punctuation errors.
Whether it’s a word missing, or the same word twice, the humiliation I feel is always the same. Same goes for when I see errors on my friend’s blogs. Do I tell them or do I not? I feel like it’s almost as bad as not telling them they’ve got a booger hanging.
17. When I have zero photos to post. 
(Like this post.)

18. When people Tweet about their discounts codes all day, every day.
I’m a fan of running discounts on ads every once in a while, but 35 times a day, 7 days a week, is a little much, no? Yes.
19. When my traffic is lower than normal. 
This bothers me more than I’d like to admit.

19.5 Hashtags
More specifically on Instagram. I understand that many of you love them, but hashtagging 20+ things on a photo seems like a bit much doesn’t it? We get it, you’re wearing clothes.

20. When it’s almost Monday and the weekend is over.
Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday.
I’m going to go out on a positive note here and mention one from last week I forgot to say regarding things bloggers love… business cards! Check out my new ones!

I’m going to be real honest and say I’m not quite sure what to do with my business cards just yet, but I love them and that’s all that matters. These were created by the one and only Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars, or as I call her, the girl taking over blogland. If you don’t know Sarah yet you should. The girl is good…. At just everything it seems. So head over to her page already and hire her for all of your graphic design needs!
On that note, I’m out.