Harlow Tells All

Hola from Cabo! Because I’m busy drinking margaritas and looking for whales, I’ve got Sarah here today to take over instead. But I hope you’re all having a wonderful week, feel free to follow along on Instagram @taylorgracewolfe to keep up with my Mexican adventures. Adios!


Hey girls heyyy! And hey boy hey? I doubt it seeing as there no dudes in blog land, but I always like to be politically correct and junk when I first meet new people. I’m Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars!

A quick fact about me, my dream job is to be a sideline reporter. Did I go to school for Journalism? Well, technically I did not. But I did MC my friend’s 25 person wedding once. So I think I’m good to go.

Good thing the camera didn’t capture my nerves and the paper that was rapidly shaking in my hands.

25 person wedding…. 25 million viewers for Sunday Night Football… practically the same thing, at this point we’re just splitting hairs. Ok, ok, so maybe I should practice a bit more before I apply for the Super Bowl gig. So I’m here with you today to interview Harlow.

Sarah: Hi, Harlow. Big fan. Pleasure to have you today.
Harlow: No problem, Sarah. Happy to be here. I had to move my morning poop sesh up an hour to make it, but like I said, happy to be here.

Sarah: Thank you, I’m sure that wasn’t easy straying from your daily routine. Let’s get started! If I asked you to rank the part of your life that you feel you are most satisfied with, what would be at the top?
Harlow:  Most Satisfied? Well I’ve been training really hard to get swimsuit body ready. I’m trying to be America’s next top dog model. I run… boy do I run… I chase squirrels, I even watch my dog food intake…. There are nights Taylor [mother] puts two full cups in my food bowl and I have the self control only to eat half. That isn’t easy, but I can finally see my hard work paying off.

Sarah: I see that! Speaking of, there were some questionable photos of you lounging NAKED in a garden that were leaked on the internet. Some puppy moms even went so far as to speak out against you, saying that you were, and I quote, “The worst role model they’ve ever seen.” What is your response to those moms out there with young puppies?

Harlow: I never said I was a role model. I’m young, but I’m not a teenager anymore. I’ve grown up and I can do whatever I wish with my body. I think that young puppies that look at me will see an adult with a sexy body, a body that I worked hard to get. I think that is actually inspiring for pups.

Sarah: Your mom is blog famous. How has that affected your life?
Harlow: I wish I could say it was easy. I wish I could say that growing up with my mom’s spotlight always shining down on me was care-free. But it’s hard. It puts a lot of pressure on me to be successful, to not screw up. I mean, if I make one wrong move, or I poop on the wrong patch of grass, or I try and have a cocktail on a patio where no dogs are allowed, the repercussions are felt for days, sometimes weeks. My whole life has been scrutinized under an Instagram filter.

Sarah: It may be hard living in your mom’s spotlight, but you’ve spoken out on multiple occasions regarding your parents. Would you  mind refreshing our memories?
Harlow: Oh gosh, of course. As you could see, I started smiling halfway through your question! I’ve really got the worst poker face. My Mom and Dad are the greatest thing to ever happen to me. They are celebratory of my accomplishments and supportive during my times of struggle. Like that time I wanted to get my parents something really nice for Christmas, so I tried to kill that squirrel in the tree for them, but the squirrel got away. My Mom told me that it was the thought that counted and it was the best thought she’d ever received for Christmas.

Sarah: Well, Harlow I don’t want to keep you any longer. This was sure a treat. Thank you for joining me today! Well, not a treat…. I mean, I’m sorry I don’t actually have a treat for you. I was just meaning that it WAS a treat to have you…. that is just an expression us humans use. 
Harlow: It’s ok, Sarah. I understand. *cough* bitch *cough*

What do you think? I asked the hard hitting questions right? What would you have asked Harlow?
And if you want, you can come say hi over at my blog, Venus Trapped in Mars, ya know, if you don’t already have a poop scheduled….

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