Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

Life this week according to a lot of photos-

We’ve got that nice pre-vacay glow going on here. Sadly, I don’t think the airport shots on the way home will be quite as angelic.

*dress can be found here.
We landed Saturday afternoon and my dad was waiting at the airport with a cooler of Coronas in hand. And to no one’s surprise he had already draped a Husker flag across the front door on our villa at Sunset Beach just to make sure everyone knows we’re Nebraska fans.
If I haven’t said it lately, I really love it here. It’s one of my favorite places.

This is just part one. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like vacation photos you might not want to stop by for a few days, just a forewarning. There’s still a lot to recap yet, like the infamous Cabo rocks obviously and a lot of Knox and Lola shots. Knox has a new favorite thing he likes to say, “I don’t like you, Tay Tay.” Have you ever vacationed with a two-year-old? It’s a, it’s a real trip…

Much more to come, friends. Adios.

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