The Daily Tay Answers Your Questions

Happy twenty days until Christmas, my friends! After doing a little browsing on my blog last evening, you know checking stats and, well that’s basically the only thing I check, I happened to glance down at the “search keywords” that people are apparently searching out that brings them to my blog. This is what I found-

This leads me to believe that if people are googling these phrases, they clearly want answers. So I’ll do my best.

#1. the daily tay
That’s me! Good job, you found the site you are looking for. Unless of course you were actually looking for which is a Taylor Lautner fan site. And if you were just looking for Taylor Lautner in general I suggest you check 2011. Or if you were looking for you’re a pervert and please take this time to get off my blog.

#2. daily tay
Pretty sure we just established this in #1. But if you’re still confused, yes, my site is called The Daily Tay.

#3. quites for its just me and my son
So you’re looking for quites eh? Do you mean quaaludes as in the drug? Because you’re not going to find any of those here, for you or your son. And according to google quaaludes are a sedative-hypnotic drug and I really don’t think you should be doing those with your children. Or do you mean quotes perhaps? Because again, I don’t have many father/son quotes on here, wish I could be of more help. Maybe this will help.

#4. daily tay appendicitis 
While I appreciate the curiosity regarding my blog and its health, I must tell you this site has never had an appendicitis (that I know of anyway.) But if you’d like to know about the night that I spent in the Chicago ER thanks to a bean burrito and an enema I suggest you go here.

#5. things about me list you don’t know
Good one! There’s still so much I don’t know about me, or you for that matter! But here’s an article US Magazine did on me for their “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” page.

#6. tori spelling cameltoe
If I had a dollar for every time I’ve wondered about this myself… I’m searching my brain here trying to give you an answer when I just decided to google it and what do you know, a photo from my blog is the very first photo to appear on google search images. How bout that. Give it a try and see for yourself.

#7. a bottle for you a bottle for me
Well this is my ironic children’s book I published with my amazingly talented friend, Kam. People are obviously inquiring about it because it’s a perfect and unique Christmas gift for that friend of yours that is expecting! Or that friend that isn’t expecting! Or that friend that loves/hates children! It’s literally a one book fits all kinda thing.  Buy this book if not just for the images alone, see for yourself here.

#8. big people eat little people
They do? Oh no, I had no idea! What do you consider a “big person” I wonder? Am I big? Does that mean I need to start eating people? Or should I be fearful I will be eaten? I would actually like an answer on this one if someone doesn’t mind.

#9. clam chowder crab cakes
The red or the white? I can never remember that.

#10. dogs that don’t grow
Man, I hope this one isn’t true. I would hate to see a dog that can’t grow. Unless of course you’re referring to a stuffed animal? In that case I suggest you check your local toy store.

Okay guys, that’s all of them. I really hope this helped clear up some of your questions!

And just a little FYI I’m excited to announce a fun holiday link-up Helene and I will be co-hosting next week on Tuesday, December 10th. We can’t wait to see your old pics, memories, and what makes you still a kid at heart!

The Daily Tay

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