The Last of Cabo

It is with great sadness that I present to you the last of my Cabo photos today. Brace yourself guys, there are a lot of them. Posting will go back to normal as of tomorrow. Probably… I’m counting on the joy of Christmas to get me over my post-vacay blues.
As they always do, this vacation went by way too fast. I even made a mental note to try and really enjoy each and every day, yet it managed to slip right through my fingers anyway.

The beautiful, yet too dangerous to swim in, beach right by our resort.

Enjoying a sunset cruise on the Risalena.

The infamous arch.
Lola Grace and Taylor Grace.
Setting sail for our dinner cruise.
The lone ranger seal.
My mom and I always seem to forget the homemade margaritas on the sunset cruise tend to sneak up on you.
Chris and his new best friend.
The Lafleur fam.
Best dressed of the trip goes to Lola.
The group minus the Lafleurs.
Harlow’s long lost brother.
We didn’t think this photo would be quite as cute if it were Chris and I.
If you haven’t spent a vacation with a toddler lately, well then you haven’t lived. It’s a very humbling experience to walk into a room and have someone point at you and immediately scream “I don’t like you!” Or just simply start crying.  
Wolfe/Lafleur Gals in white.
I’m holding on to the hope that Lola will never look at me one day and scream “I don’t like you.” And the amazingly comfortable top I’m wearing is from the new Archer Townsend collection which can be found here. Keep your eye out for this awesome Chicago designer, he’s about to be big.
We spent one of our last evenings at The Office. Everyone ordered great seafood platters, I ordered a burger. What can I say.
The final sunset.
And it only feels right to end with a photo of the beautiful Christmas tree at the resort to remind me I shouldn’t be sad the trip is over, but happy because holiday season is just beginning. Boom and that was the 2013 Cabo Trip. If you’ve never been, I highly suggest it. 
And after spending seven days of drinking margaritas and Coronas as if they were water, only to be balanced out with burritos and pounds of chips and salsa, I’m ready to do a little clean eating this week. If you have any suggestions of what this means or how to do this, please let me know. Even my stretchy pants are leaving marks of shame around my waist.
On that note, happy December. Twenty five days and counting until the greatest day of the year.