Exercise Tips For Those Who Don’t Like To Exercise

I’ve had a lot of email inquiries lately regarding my work-out regimen so I decided it’s time I write a post about it. And by “a lot” I mean one. One from my grandma where she casually asked “what kind of aerobics I do.”  So even though she doesn’t read my blog, I figured everyone else would like to know anyway. 
Please note that I do everything in moderation. It’s never good to over work the body and risk injury. That being said, here are a few of my top exercise tips.
1. Make the most of your microwave time.

Don’t just stand around while you’re waiting for your food to heat up, use those forty-five seconds to run in place or do a few knee tucks!

2. Keep your phone charger/computer charger in the next room.
So then you have to get up off the couch and get it. It’s annoying, but it gets you moving!

3. Every flat surface is an opportunity for lady push-ups!
I try to do at least 20 push-ups a day. I lean on my coffee table, my vanity, my bed, literally any surface works. The higher it is, the better.

4. When you’re feeling a little chubby, just start doing random jumping jacks.
I usually like to do about ten before I get bored and move on to the next thing.

5. Turn tug-of-war with your dog into an arm workout.
Your dog will love it and so will your guns! (I’ve thought about turning this one into a workout video, I would love your feedback on it.)

6. Run every errand. Like literally run.
You know those weirdos you see running across the street (when no cars are coming) or running in a parking lot toward the entrance of the store for no apparent reason? That’s me. I run every where. Except for on runs. Then I walk.

7. 30 second yoga.
I try to start each morning with a thirty second downward dog pose. Harlow does the same thing.

8. Lift weights while you watch TV.
Or at the very least have weights near your couch that you can at look at every day and think “man, I should be lifting those weights right now.” Eventually you might start. Probably.

9. Pin fun workout ideas on Pinterest.
You might not actually do the workout, but you’ll feel good about yourself for even thinking about doing them!

10. Hide things from yourself around the house so you burn calories looking for them.
Keys, cell phone, scissors, chargers, bobby pins, shoes and watches are some of my favorites- just to name a few!

11. Browse the Fitness posts on Bloglovin for inspiration. 
You’ll feel so inspired you’ll want to browse the food posts next to see what your’e going to make for dinner after your great work-out.

And that concludes just a few of my tips. What are some of your favorite work-out tips and tricks?

In all honesty, if I were to give one real “work out tip” it would be to stay active. I don’t belong to a gym (because I’m too damn cheap) but in an average day I typically bike/walk up to ten miles. But for the most part I feel kinda weird giving work-out tips since everyone has such different bodies and who’s to say what works for me would work for you?

For instance I know some people love classes but I hate them. I’ve tried to do spinning three different times and left early every time. Although I should say I do genuinely enjoy yoga and barre class, more specifically if it’s a Bella Barre class because those instructors are hard core.

And if all else fails just do five quick push-ups before you take an Instagram photo and your arms will look better. This is the blog world guys, it’s all about illusions, right? Right.

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