Style Tips I’ve Learned From My Mom

Today’s Blogtober prompt is: Things I’m Superstitious About. It also happens to be my mom’s birthday and I’m superstitious about not writing a birthday post for her (the repercussions just wouldn’t be good.) So here we go.

1. Chic gold rope necklace over a black turtle neck: classy as hell.

And can we just note the fact my mom is only thirty here yet she has three children surrounding her? THREE. Will this be me in three years? I think we both know the answer to that. I still feel like that chubby cheeked little sweaty child in the photo who appears to have been the only one who partied a little too hard for this bday celebration.

2. When in doubt, always match your earrings to your shirt.
Also note the gold rope necklace again. It’s a staple for any style, any time of the day, any floral tank top.

3. Fanny-pack or die.
And also a gold rope necklace over a t-shirt.

4. Matching polka dot shirt and skirt combo, never fails.
And a gold rope necklace for good measure.

Also you might notice I’m just casually holding a pair of jelly shoes like any busy gal would after a long day on their feet. And my sister is clearly plotting to kill that poor baby.

5. Relaxed striped v-neck for outside wear.
And would you look at that, getting bold with a double gold rope necklace!
Also my brother Jordan looks eerily like the baby from Dinosaurs in this photo.

Happy birthday, mom. The gold rope has been in hiding long enough, it’s time to bring it back.

Tomorrow’s prompt: Most Embarrassing Moment. Oh boy, I’ve got a lot.

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