How To Be A Successful Blogger On Instagram

For starters, if you have an actual blog, get rid of it. Blogs are so yesterday. Words are so meh. It’s all about photos and emojis now.

Like a fellow blogger just told me last week, “If you have a successful Instagram account, why do you even need a blog?” Right? Right. Said blogger has been blogging for at least four months so she has it all figured out.

You can’t on a blog anyway, so there’s really no point.

Let’s start with some simple rules- your face should only show up in a photo two times (max) per week. And when it does, never look at the camera. Look up, look down, hell look in your pocket if you have to, just don’t make eye contact. The best Instagrammers know that iphone cameras steal your soul if you make direct eye contact. That’s why they’re so damn good.

I’ve included a few tips for how to take the best selfie in the video provided.

*If you’d like to set up a one-on-one selfie consultation please email me, I’d be happy to help!

For all other face-less photos, here’s a few poses I suggest.

The “look at the rings on my hands while they grab the collar of my shirt” pose.
For when you have to show the world your rings. And your collar.

The “there’s flowers hiding my face” pose.
Where’s your face? No one knows.

The “look at my lips and ends of my hair” pose.
A great close-up shot.

The “look at my wrist sitting in my lap” pose.
This is usually the correct time to use the phrase “#armcandy” or “#armbling.” Just don’t make the mistake of using “#fistfun” like I once did on accident. That hashtag has a completely different meaning.

The “look at the sunglasses I’m holding” pose.
Why aren’t you wearing your sunglasses one might ask? Doesn’t matter. Just hold them.

The “I’m drinking coffee” pose.
This one never gets old. Take it from every angle.

The “there’s a mini aircraft hanging above me” pose. (As mentioned in the video.) This one is super hot right now. It’s a great one when you want to give the illusion that someone is looking down on you. Like God or something. It’s not easy though, trust me I’ve tried it.

And we’ll finish with this classic. The timeless “look at my feet on my white bedding being all cute and feet like” pose.
So great, you guys. So damn great.

Just follow these steps and if you don’t have 20k new Instagram followers within your first week you’re doing something wrong.

@taylorgracewolfe (that’s my Instagram handle.)

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