19 Things To Love About Going Home For The Holidays- Norfolk, Nebraska

Sledding at Skyview. If there’s snow…

Ice-skating at Divots. I’ve heard this is a thing now and I’m totally into it. Back in my day the only ice-skating option was at Andy’s Lake.

Visiting the very real/slightly scary looking Santa outside of JC Penny at the always adorable Sunset Plaza Mall.

Speaking of the Sunset Plaza, I’m always a sucker for the people selling candy/nuts/everything else delicious at the annual holiday craft show that sets up shop every year in the middle of the mall.

A burrito grande from Ricardos.
True story, I once flew to Chicago with frozen refried beans from Ricardos in my carryon. When you’re jonesing for those beans, you’ll do anything to get your fix.

Norfolk might not have the Rockefeller Tree but we’ve got the beautiful downtown tree which is always very festive.

And while you’re downtown pop into Three Eighteen On The Avenue and look at all of their cute tops and holiday dresses.

Having a drink at the 5th Street. The vintage holiday decor in this bar is my absolute favorite. And they also know how to pour a tall glass of wine.

Godfather’s taco pizza. Or is this just my thing? Norfolk is the only place I’ll eat this kind of pizza.

Bags and bags of the best beef jerky from R & M Meats LLC.

Then working off all of the jerky and pizza at a barre or kickboxing class at Bella Barre.

The snow village at Prengers puts every other snow village to shame.

Christmas boxes at Northeast Community College. Okay I guess these don’t exist anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still think about them.

Going into any store and knowing at least five people.

The Christmas lights on all of the houses. People in Norfolk go big or go home when it comes to their outside decor.

The Business After Hours holiday party. I went a few years ago with my sister and all I can say is those people like to party.

Grabbing a tastee beef and tots from Tastee Treat.

Little kids singing carols at every church service in town.

Cookie baskets delivered to my parents house from everyone they’ve ever met in their life. You just can’t beat small town hospitality around the holidays.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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