The Daily Tay’s Most Fascinating People of 2014

Like Barbara’s Walters list only better.

Well friends, it’s that time of year again. That time when I reveal the most highly anticipated list of the year, my picks for the most fascinating people of 2014. You can refresh your memory and check out who made the list in 2013 here and in 2012 by clicking here.

But enough chit-chat, let’s get right into it.

#1. Ariana Grande.

I recently found out Ariana Grande is indeed a real person and not just a life-sized Bratz doll like I originally thought. So kudos to her for that! Is she Alysaa Milano’s daughter? Or a small kitten’s mother? I honestly have no idea and that’s why she fascinates me. I can tell she sings, but beyond that I am clueless. She’s so tiny I just want to put her in my jean pocket. And then close that pocket. And then maybe give those jeans away to a homeless person and watch what happens. Keep doing you, tiny dancer girl.

#2. Call-Girls on Instagram.

I’m not sure if it’s my alluring Insta username @taylorgracewolfe, or if it’s the millions of seductive photos I post of Harlow every hour, but something about my account has the call-girls of Instagram flocking to it lately. Almost every single day I get a new female gal following me with a profile that says something like “Call me anytime, I love to chat with new friends!” Or maybe they just know I need to make more friends? I should give one of them a call sometime and see what’s up.

#3. Elsa.

Again, I’m not really sure who this girl is, but I know she’s really popular. Based off of her fishtail braid she might be a blogger? Or an Instagram-blogger? I’m not really sure. All I know is that my two-year-old niece absolutely loses her shit for anything Elsa related. And I’ve also known many adults who do as well. So she must be something really special.

#4. Sam Smith.

Because when I first heard his music I would have never guessed this is what he looked like. He looks like the guy you went to high school with in Fremont, Nebraska who used to smell like cigarettes and would party on the week nights. But man, he can sing.

#5. The person in an airplane who thinks they can push ahead in the aisle when everyone else is indeed waiting to get off the plane as well.

This person fascinates me because they clearly have somewhere much more important to be than everyone else on the plane so I’m dying to know more about them! Who are they? What do they do? What is their very important life like? It must be wonderful.

Want to see who made 5-10? You’ll have to check back on Wednesday. The next five will blow your mind, I kid you not! 2014 was crazy!

Peace out, kids.

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