Feeling Like A Kid In Summer

This past week I jumped back in time and experienced summer as a kid through the eyes of my nephew and niece, Knox and Lola.

Knox is four and Lola is two. If you’ve been a reader for awhile you’ll know that the relationship between Knox and I hasn’t always been the best. It hasn’t been bad necessarily, but we’ve had our rough patches. Sometimes he’d see me and love me, and other times he’d just look at me and shout “NO TAY TAY, GET AWAY!”

 I’d also like to note here that the #1 search phrase that brings people to my blog according to my analytics is “how to get toddlers to like you.”

Well it’s happened. Knox likes me. He’s finally grown up (or maybe I have) and last week we hit it off like never before. He invited me into the secret world of a child in summer and it was good.

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid in summer? I mean like really remember it? Allow me to refresh your memory.

For breakfast we ate glazed donuts every morning. For lunch we feasted on Flavor-Ices.

And every hour in between was spent in the pool. I also finally got my water park fix. The only thing that bothers me about water parks is the fact that the bathrooms are always empty…

At one point the water park was completely full and yet I was the only person in the restroom. What’s up with that? Am I not the only person in this world who still believes if I pee in a pool the water around me will turn some bright color because of a magical chemical intended to expose pool-urinators? I must be.

Also, please note we are eating push pops. I am in fact double-fisting push pops. It’s been years since I’ve eaten one of these and I don’t know why. They’re delicious.

When the hot summer days faded into long summer nights we took to the golf course so Knox could show us how good he is and so Lola could drive the golf cart. (She’s already two, relax.)

*I forgot my golfing attire. I don’t typically play in cut-offs. You can judge me, I would.

And it just wouldn’t be a Nebraska summer night without catching a few lighting bugs. Knox looks more like Karl from Shameless in this photo with that crazed look on his face like he’s about to eat the lighting bugs… And then maybe even eat the glass jar. But I think he was just excited.

And don’t worry, we only caught them for a second or two before releasing them again. Keeping lighting bugs in a jar for too long takes away their glow, and I’d never want to be responsible for such a crime.

Kids have summers figured out. From sun up until sun down, they play as hard as they can for as long as they can. They don’t worry about tomorrow, or even yesterday, just the one that is currently happening.