The Friday Fluff

This week has been intense. Can’t you just tell by the look on Harlow’s face?

After taking off too much time last week to go on my luxurious Midwest vacation I’ve really had to buckle down. A new venture I’ve been working on for the past nine months is about to launch in the next few weeks and I’m very excited/nervous/losing sleep about it. Like most annoying bloggers, I can’t say much more about it right now. But can you guess what it is?

It’s a baby. You’re right. I’m launching a baby. Did I do that announcement right?

I’m kidding. I will say it’s nothing blog related. And most of you won’t care at all because it’s a new endeavor created for my fellow Nebraska loving pals…  So Nebraska friends, stay tuned.

And now let’s move on to the fluffy stuff. Fridays are for fluff, right? Good.

Harlow insisted that I first tell you about our friend’s new book, Sweet Eats and Dog Treats by Kait Hanson.

Kait is a blogger I’ve actually talked to- like on the phone! How old fashioned, I know. The reason for our call was because we were both trying to save a dog. Go figure. Kait has as big of an animal heart as anyone so it’s no surprise she’s created this awesome cook book full of yummy gluten free treats for you and your animal babes.

I suggest starting with the Citrus Berry Chex Mix… You can grab your own copy here.

Speaking of treats, Harlow the diva, received these “Krak’Ems” from a sweet little artisan shop in New York called Little L’s.

They call the treats krak’ems” because they’re like jerky, but more flavorful, crunchy and fresh. Although I think it’s because they’re like crack for dog. Harlow loses his mind when he sees me get the package out.

And more finds from Rocksbox– the company that officially turned me into a girl who liked jewelry. If you have a wedding or something fun this summer and want to mix it up with some cool jewelry, you can get a month free by using the code thedailytayxoxo.

The kids are calling these “stack rings.” I think. It was my first time wearing them and I felt oh so cool.

And that’s a few things I’m digging right now. Almost all dog related… Cool.

Now before I send you out into the weekend below is a chance to win $140 paypal cash. I’ve teamed up with some of my pals to offer a good old fashioned blog giveaway. And tomorrow on my Instagram @thedailytay I’ll be giving away a cruise vacation, a Mac computer, a Prada bag and a baby tiger. So check there as well.

Anyway, today myself and a few other old school bloggers have decided to keep it just blog related, like the good old days.

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