How Basic Girls Prepare For Winter

The winter.

It’s coming… Chicago reminded us of this the past weekend when temps fell below fifty degrees at night. I could see my breath in the morning and the wind was extra bitey on the scooter.

I’m not ready.

But yet I’ve been doing subtle things to get ready without even realizing it. Girls tend to do that. At least I do anyway.

First it was the blanket scarves… I’ve bought three in the past month. I WANT THEM ALL. But my favorite so far has been this one from Target. I have a feeling I’m going to wear it until it’s gnarly and gross.

And then of course the pumpkin scented candles. It always starts with just one. I usually treat the first burning of a fall candle like it’s a ceremonial event. I take a moment after lighting it while letting that crisp smell of pumpkin spice fill the house as I reflect on the summer that was.

And then there’s the hair. The need/urgency to suddenly “go for a more fall look” by adding some low lights, or as the cool kids call it, balayage.

Can you even recognize me? Probably not. I don’t recognize myself.

Okay, so the color might not be that drastic but it’s just what my basic self wanted. George the Salon made all of my fall hair color dreams come true. I usually dread getting my hair done because I’m weird about new places and always set my expectations too high, but this salon was great. Just look how happy I am taking an always necessary hair chair selfie! I asked my stylist, Sarah, to get rid of my brassy yellow mess you see going on and she did just that.

And the salon itself is gorgeous. It’s right on Rush street (in the dangerous shopping zone) with big floor to ceiling windows giving the space a very bright and open feel. The staff is super nice and very welcoming.

I can’t rave enough about Sarah and how she managed to give me exactly what I wanted (and she worked quick.) Because I have the patience of a toddler, I absolutely HATE sitting at the salon for more than three hours. Luckily, this didn’t happen.

Sarah also did all sorts of conditioning treatments on my hair and nearly ten days after my appointment my hair still has that “post salon” feel to it. All smiles in my bathroom selfie showing off the new ‘do.

So what I’m saying is that if you’re looking for a new salon, I highly suggest you check out George the Salon.

Moving right along.

Next on my list are flannels. Mine are out and I’m not mad about it. I noticed the other day that Chris and I have a very similar winter wardrobe. I’ve been known to shop in the mens section on more than one occasion.

And finally the pumpkin beer. Forget that pumpkin latte shit, I prefer this any day.

And now it’s time for that Monday stuff. Woof. This week is already overwhelming me.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this… That’s my Monday mantra. I find myself saying that and “okay” on repeat.