A Case of the Fuckits

Anyone else ever wake up with case of the fuckits?

They struck me out of the blue today and I like it. I just woke up not caring. About anything.

You know that girl from Tuesday who thought the world was ending?

She gone.

I told her to go crawl back into her hole because she got annoying. I’ll probably see her again Monday. Chances are she’ll actually come sniffing out Sunday night worrying about a bunch of stupid nonsense like she always does, but for now, she’s out of sight out of mind.

When I sit down to write a blog post I usually fret for a few minutes about writing something I think people will like. How To Do This … What You Need To Do… You Should… Do This… blah blah blahhhhhh. Clearly I haven’t been writing those posts for a long time anyway, but I still fret about it.

Not today though, my friends. Zero shits given over here. I’d love to write a post on how to give zero shits, but I really don’t know how. The feeling just strikes me every once in a while and I try to ride it for as long as possible.

Rather than moping around all boo who about stupid stuff I can’t control, I’m suddenly strutting down the street with an unwarranted amount of self confidence while Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangster plays on repeat in my head.

What’s that you say? You like my fleece jacket covered in dog hair? I know I look good. And I also know I’ve been out of lent rollers for about a month.

How’d I get my eyebrows to look like this? Overplucking and shaving them in middle school. Thanks for asking.

My neck color doesn’t match my face? Well that’s the look I’m going for, thanks for noticing. The kids call it “contouring” I believe.

What’s that stranger man I don’t know? You’d like me to smile for you? You got it! Here it is!!! Now just for fun I’m going to follow you for the next hour and tell you to smile over and over and over. Who’s the crazy one now?!


Jk, I didn’t really do that. But I might. Anything is possible today when I’ve got the fuckits. All rules go out the window.

The best visual I’ve got for how I feel today is probably this photo.

I’m walking around like my crunchy bangs are on fleek and my bikini’s got a skirt around the waist. I might just lay in my 1976 lawn chair all day if I please.

The sun is shining and my scrunchy is high.

On that note, I really hope anyone who is reading this has a great day. Do what makes you happy. Care less about what doesn’t.