Fall In Chicago + The Daily Basic Pics + Let’s Save Dogs

We’ve all seen leaves before. I get it. However I’m about to show you even more because this fall has truly been one of the most beautiful I’ve ever experienced since living in Chicago. The colors are on fire and they’re everywhere.

Can’t. Stop. Photographing. Foliage. It has to be documented or the world will never know.

And now for a few of my favorite #thedailybasic pics.





So good. So pumpkiny. So basic. 
This hashtag has officially passed 1,000+ photos of wonderful basic fun. If you haven’t browsed it lately, you should. I’ll be choosing a winner to send the basic gift package next week.
And speaking of that… this weekend is my favorite weekend for one thing. Animals in costume. In true Harlow fashion, he will be paying tribute to Cecil the Lion on Saturday.
We need to work on his mane, I know. A little hairspray and a crimper should do the trick. Are you dressing up your pets? If so, I want to see! 
I was trying to figure out a way how animals in costume could somehow help animals in shelters, but I came up with nothing. So instead, if you tag me in your pet costume pics on Instagram @thedailytay and use the hashtag #harlowhalloween one winner will be sent an “I Just Want To Hang With My Dog” shirt. 

When I google this shirt it makes my skin crawl because there’s about 100 others who have blatantly copied my exact design/phrase since I created it, but the worst part is the crappy stealers aren’t giving a dime back to shelters. Makes my blood boil…

Anyway. I’m trying to keep this positive. I’m almost to the point where I’ve donated $5,000 to shelters because of this shirt so maybe this weekend we can reach it.

Animals in costume make me happy, but animals in shelters getting more funds makes me even happier. Help me spread the word and I think we can do it!

Happy Halloween weekend, everyone!