Oh So Basic

Just popping in real quick to bring you your weekly dose of #thedailybasic. All of your basic fall pics are blowing my mind. Harlow’s been impressed as well. 
He’s really embraced the season if you can’t tell…

I didn’t even ask him to pose, I swear. He just does it naturally now.

I’m trying to keep my head on straight as I tackle about four days worth of work tonight since I’m heading off to New York Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. I also just found out that rather than doing only two shows there, I actually get to do four. So I’ll be telling jokes at Broadway Comedy Club Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and then on Saturday night I’ll be doing a show at Greenwich Village comedy club.

So that’s exciting. And also scary because I haven’t even started writing my set yet… So I should probably get on that soon.

Anyway… just as a little basic reminder, at the end of October I’m going to choose my favorite photo and the winner will be sent a basic gift package consisting of: a blanket scarf (duh) similar to the one you see below, a coffee tumbler, and a pumpkin candle. Basic necessities pretty much. Make sure to use #thedailybasic and to be certain I see your photos tag me @thedailytay.

Let’s get to it, here’s some of my favs from the past few days. For one reason or another, all of these pics give me the warm fuzzies.








Yes, I love it all so much. Follow these gals, their pics will make you happy.

On that note, happy Sunday night! And GO CUBS GO!