20 Things I Find Offensive About This Red Cup

Where do I even start?

How about here:

1. A Mermaid logo? Really? Pretty degrading for Merwomen everywhere.

2. The fact the Mermaid isn’t wearing a shirt.

3. What, like the only way a woman can be a logo is if she’s topless? Typical.

4. Or if she is wearing a shirt, um…. how come? Free the nipple much? #progress

5. The crown on her head. I don’t like what it stands for.

6. Aristocracy isn’t right!

7. And who are you to call her a mermaid? The correct term is Merwoman as stated above. Women of the sea, like women of the land, aren’t maids to anyone!

8. Her large chest. Like c’mon.

9. The perfect eyebrows.

10. Like why is her skin so good? I see zero flaws.

11. The white lid. What exactly are you trying to say with that, Starbucks? WHAT?

12. The size of the cup. Too tiny.

13. The shape is small on the bottom, but bigger up top? Um, I’m sorry. Why don’t you just stop beating around the bush, Starbucks.

14. The tone of red used. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Two words: Devil Worship.

15. The weight. Like why is this cup so light? Do you have a thing against heavy cups???

16. Her hair extensions. She’s setting unrealistic expectations for young girls.

17. Lack of diversity. Why are all of the cups red right now?

18. Why is Starbucks still using cups, anyway? They are killing the earth.

19. And what’s with the word cup? As in cup size? As in boobs? Why must everything be so sexual?

20. Everything else.

I’m done. I can’t even.

I hope everyone reads this post and agrees 100% with my thoughts and beliefs. Changes needs to be made! Now.