Announcing My New Shirts + Me As A Fashion Blogger

“Chris, I’m really excited about my new shirts and sweatshirts so we need to get some really good pics this weekend, okay?”


“I’m serious, like they need to be real blogger pics. Not like ones we just took in the living room after dinner. But like a real blogger photo shoot.”

Then Chris looks me and says, “I’m not the one who gets weird about this shit. You are. So don’t tell me this. If you want me to take good pics I can, but you can’t be a weirdo.”

“For sure, I’m fine.”

Please note the photo above was taken in the living room.

Less than ten minutes into the photo shoot on Saturday neither of us was speaking to the other and I called it off all together to save our relationship.

“Screw it, let’s go home.”

So here’s the thing. I want good photos. I just don’t want anyone to see me taking those good photos. And most of the time I don’t even really want to be in those good photos.

It’s a tough combo when your job is blogging. About your life. Ugh, I know.

So I have a lot of new cool pieces in I was planning on showing you today, but we only managed to take photos of two of them because I PANICKED.

“Chris, stop!!! People are looking! Omg. They see me. Stop. STOP.”

“Stop freaking out. Who cares?”

I do. I care a lot. And I don’t know why. But I do. I don’t judge you for your blogger shoots. But I judge myself so hard when I try to do a blogger photo shoot (in public.) It’s just beyond humiliating for me to see others watch me in this terrible state. I melt. I crumble. I give up.

And the funny thing is I see blogger shoots happening a lot in Chicago. And when I do I smile to myself and think, that’s definitely a blogger shot. Then I carry on with life.

But when it’s me.

When it’s me I’m certain the people who happen to walk by such an event are immediately thinking WHAT A LOSER! OMG! Everyone come look at this girl being a total loser taking photos outside of her house like a total LOSER. I can’t handle all of the loserness.

Nobody cares this much, I’m well aware. But it’s a phobia I just can’t shake.

So for now, here’s the photos we managed to capture. I have to share them because it happened and it wasn’t pleasant. Just know I tried. I tried so hard.

All the sweatshirts you see come in t-shirts as well. And they’re just as cute and super soft. Maybe some day I can get a photo of them. I also have a few other new designs that I’ll be showing later this week. Hopefully. Maybe I can get Harlow to model them.

You can find everything right here on nebrowse.

Supplies are limited right now and I’m leaving for Cabo at 5 a.m. on Wednesday… so if you want to grab one, order it tonight and it will mail tomorrow.

And that’s it. Now I need to sit here for a good hour doing nothing while I think about everything I should be doing before I leave for my trip and make sure I get good and anxious about it all rather than just DOING IT.

It’s a fun little game I like to play on Sunday nights.