Blogging, Business, and Balance

I know I’m becoming a pilates nut when I find myself quoting things the instructors say in class. One thing for example was said months ago, but it’s stuck with me.

You don’t find balance, you have to work for it.”

On a pilates reformer board, and in life, I’ve been working really really hard to achieve that damn balance.

Every morning my mental check list revolves around social media clients, this blog, nebrowse, Talk Herbie, being Harlow’s talent manager (jk, but not really) writing new material, staying sane… and I know if I lose focus for even a second, I’m going to fall off the board and it won’t be pretty.

So when Helene asked if I’d join her for a FREE webinar about Blogging, Business and Balance I said hells yes.

I’m going to be slightly annoying now and toot Helene’s horn for a second. I’ve sat in on some of her webinars as a student, and she’s also let me take a peak behind the curtain and see the backend of work she puts into everything, and it blows my mind. She decided to take her blog to a new level, and she did just that.

So long story short, I am thrilled to join her for a webinar.

Here’s a little background on both of us:

*We’ve both been blogging for 3 + years
*Both started with full time jobs and have transitioned to blogging being a full time job
*We’ve each expanded our blogs into other things as well like-
     Helene’s e-course Quit Your Job To Blog
     I sling t-shirts and started nebrowse to help other dreamers get their goods noticed
*And guess what? Neither of us are niche bloggers! We do exist!

What I’m saying is we both do a lot of things, yet we’re not tied to our computers 24 hours a day. Helene travels to music fests every other week and I travel to the dog beach at least once a day because Harlow hits me if I don’t.

So in this FREE webinar we’re covering how to:

*Work for  balance whether you blog or run a business or have a full time job or all of the above.
*Learn the strategies to make your blog a success and still find time to live your life.
*Help you to clearly define what works (or doesn’t work) for your blog.
*How to prioritize your time so that you’re set up for success.
*The simple steps you can take to really do it all.

And since Helene knows how to work the internet better than I do, she created a FREE worksheet you’ll get right now if you sign up to attend the webinar. We’ll also do a live Q & A at the end. And I’ll do some webinar standup. Jk. But maybe, you never know.

Here are the details for the FREE Webinar: Blogging, Business, and Balance

When: Next Wednesday, November 11th at 8pm CST // 6pm PST // 9pm EST

Where: Online! Register here.

How: Once you’re registered I’ll email you with all the details.

Cost: $0

Can’t make it? No problem. All those who sign up will have access to a replay. But ONLY those that sign up.

I’m really excited about this and know it will be a good time. Hope to see you there, blogging buddies!
Sign up here!

And on another blogging note- I’ll be announcing #thedailybasic and #harlowhalloween winners later today. SO COME BACK! But just for the record, #thedailybasic should never die and I hope it continues on. Just putting that out there.