Saturday Takeover With DKdekor

Today is a very holly jolly Saturday Takeover post and I’m super excited about it!

Even better, I get to introduce you to one of my really good friends, McKensie, and the new business adventure she’s embarking on with her very cool mama, Deb.

These two are crazy talented and you’re going to want to hire them for the holidays! Also, they’re both great people.

Tell me the story behind your company, DKdekor. 

My mom, Deb Kirchner, is an absolute mastermind in the decorating realm. She worked for one of Omaha’s largest interior and exterior home décor retailers for over 15 years and knows the ins and outs of every aspect of décor (think from the most exquisite living room loveseat to creating the perfect holiday wreath). For the past few years my mom had been considering a career move and we always dreamt of working together: her being an independent contractor and myself developing the business model. Fast forward 10 months later and here we are, mom and daughter duo at DKdekor.

Have you always wanted to decorate?

The talent is 100% my mom and she actually struggled with the concept of being a decorator for a while. She was conflicted (1) with wanting to do something meaningful with her life and (2) with the toll that it takes on your body to (literally) be up in 12 foot trees for three months out of the year (“you don’t get manicures or buy new tights until after Christmas season!”)

I think her mindset began to change with the feedback she would get from customers and the utter joy and gratitude they had toward her work. And to her it’s so much more than decorating, some of her closest friends are those who she has helped to decorate their homes and to see families reap the benefits of her work is a beautiful honor. At the core of our work we are creating peace, beauty and contentment in spaces that individuals spend the majority of their time.

Where is your company based?

My mom lives in Omaha, Nebraska and I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. It might sound a little crazy, but half the motive for going into business together is so that we can spend more time together. Examples A, B, C & D are Taylor and her parents in Chicago, Nebraska, New York & Cabo. Yes, we want to decorate houses in Cabo… and wherever else in this world people are dying to have us come and decorate. So to answer your question, we’re based out of anywhere and everywhere.

Tell us more about what you can do.

Our main focus at the moment is Holiday décor and transforming homes with stunning, custom designed Christmas Trees, Garlands, Wreaths, Centerpieces and more.

You can see our full holiday portfolio on our Facebook page here. 

Come January 1, we will focus on Interior Home Accents (Furniture, Accessories) and Exterior Décor (Outdoor Furniture, Dining, Grill Space, Pottery & Statuary) in addition to year-round Seasonal Décor.

What’s your dream job?

Decorating The Today Show set for the holidays.

Any of Matt Lauer’s children happen to be reading this and want to help us out?!

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