The Wedding Nightmares part 2

cards found here. 

The wedding nightmares come out of nowhere and they’re almost always the same.

It’s my wedding day and I have nothing prepared. Most times I don’t even realize it’s my wedding day. Someone will have to be like “Taylor, why aren’t you getting ready?” And then I’ll be like, “for what?” And then the mysterious no-faced person shouts “YOUR WEDDING.”

And then I panic!!!!!

I get the same feeling when people ask me, “so how’s wedding planning going?” um.. it’s going. 

“Do you have all of the big things done?” big things such as? can you expand on this one?

“What are your colors?” I don’t know. White? Off white? Champagne. Lots of champagne. 

What does this question mean- what are my colors? And why does everyone keep asking it?

We’re still like 8 months away. That’s plenty of time. In terms of growing a baby, our wedding barely even has facial features at this point. It doesn’t even have toes. But it does have a band and an open bar so I think we’re doing okay.

The other question I get is about where we’re registered. At what point do we do this?

It’s tricky registering for wedding gifts when you’re city dwellers like Chris and I.

Fun fact: we have zero storage. Literally zero. Chris and I share a closet. Wrap your head around that one.

So we’re going to be pretty conservative and only register for things we absolutely need.

Like a circus style popcorn machine, a Jimmy Buffet margarita blender, a Waffle House waffle maker, roller skate sneakers, a pinball machine, you know, the necessities for that first year of marriage.

The other plan is to register for some cool wall art. Like a lot of people today, Chris and I have a thing for gallery walls…

As in we’re striving to fill every bare space on every wall. Too much? Never.

This one is a work in progress. We’re calling it our Chicago wall.

We found these awesome prints from Minted Art and I’m kind of in love with them. We were able to customize our size and even the frame we wanted, and it was all delivered right to our front door within four days of ordering. I hate when I order a cool print and then it just sits somewhere for weeks because I can never find the right frame.

Minted takes care of everything. Your prints are ready to be hung up right when you receive them.

I am constantly looking for cool pieces to add to our walls and the selection at Minted‘s online artist marketplace is incredible.

I also purchased the book art from Minted, it’s right above my Second City “diploma” that I jokingly have hung up. Fun fact #2: “Successfully” is spelled wrong on the certificate. Thanks Second City, money well spent!

And tips on registering? Right now we’ve got two stores in mind and one animal charity. I figure people will probably get tired of buying me and Chris dish towels so then they might as well save some dogs and cats in our name instead. Seems like a win/win.

But for real, any tips on registering would be greatly appreciated.

K thanks bye! Happy Friday!!!

Wait, one. more. thing. I have a new line of shirts/sweatshirts coming out this weekend and I am SO EXCITED. I hope you like them… We’ll call it the Harlow X line.