7 Things To Do This Holiday Season in Chicago

So you’re coming to Chicago this December and want some ideas on what you should do? Great. Let’s talk about.

Because December is the last month I’m a real person (when January hits I go into hermit mode for the next 6-7 months ) I always try to do it up big. I become a tourist in my own city and do all of the cheesy fun holiday things Chicago has to offer. And I love every minute of it. Hopefully you might too!

1. The Christkindl Market.
Where: Downtown, between Randolph and Washington Street.
What: A good old fashioned German holiday market. Get the mulled wine in a tiny boot because it’s just fun. I also like the warm nuts and potato pancakes.
Cost: FREE! Until you start buying wine and pancakes.

2. Zoo Lights!
Where: Lincoln Park.
What: Lights. At the zoo.
Cost: FREE! Until you start buying wine because yes they serve alcohol. Everywhere in Chicago serves alcohol because Chicagoans love to drink.

But for real, it’s a sight worth seeing. I’ve become the most pessimistic person ever about zoos (they make me sad) so the winter is the only time I go because the animals aren’t out so I don’t have to see them and feel sad for their captivity (like I said, Debbie Downer.)

If you’re staying downtown, just hop in a cab ($15ish.) Or jump on the 151, 156, 22 or 36 bus. (Buses aren’t gross, I swear.)

3. Ice Skating!
Where: Millenium Park
Cost: Not sure, but’s worth it.
4. Champagne at the Drake.
Where: Michigan Avenue.
Cost: Depends on how much you drink. And if you get the cheese plate. Get the cheese plate.

There’s just something I love about drinks in the Champagne room during the holidays. It’s fun and festive and has an old timey feel which I love.

And then when you’re ready to get a little gritty after the Drake meet me at Rose’s in Lincoln Park. I’ll be the haggard one saddled up to the bar cackling like a lunatic while I eat my free popcorn and drink my cheap beer.

#5. Catch a Holiday Show.
Where: Downtown, theater district.
What: Your choice! Last year I Saw the Grinch and LOVED IT!
Hoping to catch the Nutcracker this year.

#6. Lunch under the tree in the Walnut Room.
Where: Macys Downtown.
Cost: Depends…
Can’t put a price on tradition! Except you can. But it’s oh so fun!

#7. Eataly.
Where: Downtown.
What: Food, food, food.
Cost: Depends on how hungry you are.
Too cold? Want to get inside? Then cozy up at Eataly and browse their awesome grocery selection while you sip Peronis and Prosecco and munch on the best cheese ever.

What did I miss? Tell me below!