The Holiday Struggle

We’re ten days away from Christmas Eve and the holiday struggle is real right now.

My motivation is at an all time low. I have to remind myself 100 times in the morning, “you must be productive today. You can do this. C’mon. Be productive.”

And still, I sit here just staring at my screen. For hours and hours while my brain feels like mush.

I’m already at that point where I’m just writing things off for 2015 and saying stuff like, “Why start now? I’ll do better in 2016.”

Eating healthy? I’ll start in 2016.
Working out? I’ll get back to pilates in January.
Writing more? next year.
Finishing work stuff? January 1st.

I was grocery shopping today and the older woman behind me looked in my cart with a sweet little smile and said, “I remember when I use to shop for little ones.”

No maam, all this child food is for me. The Pringles, Frosted Flakes, Fruit Snacks, Oreos, ext… I’m going out of 2015 with a bang.

And now to share a few photos living on my iphone for the past week.

Faux fashion shoots, Bears and Bulls games, holiday parties, it’s been a busy few weeks.

And now I’m going to spend the rest of my day packaging shirts and sweatshirts. Turns out working online retail during the holidays is HARD. Don’t get me wrong I’m beyond grateful for the sales, but my oh my, is it challenging.

Holiday shoppers: please remember to be kind to retail workers, online and in person. They’re trying their best. And sometimes they have a needy dog breathing down their back because he hasn’t been on his 20th walk for the day and damn it they’re just trying to get to the post office before it closes so back off Harlow! Give me some space.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.