What Is Your Online Persona?

Years ago Nadine wrote a post about the way we present ourself online vs who we are in “real life” and it’s something I’ve frequently thought about ever since.

I try to keep my blog personality as close to how I am in real life but the fact is it will never match 100%. There’s always some parts of me I’m leaving off, or other parts I’m enhancing without even realizing.

For instance I feel like I’m louder in my blog and more outgoing. I’ve come to this conclusion after I’ve had several of you tell me you can’t believe it when I say I’m an introvert and that I prefer the corner of the room to the front. I guess something about my writing makes me seem otherwise?

Just for the record I’m not shy, I just usually like to observe more than talk when I’m in a new setting. And it only seems to be getting worse as I get older… and have less and less human contact because being a hermit is just SO FUN.


It’s not even just bloggers who have online personas, I think we all do. Everyone who uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ext. So I guess I should retract what I said and say everyone but my dad has an online persona because he doesn’t use any type of social media. He has Linkedin, but he’s never been on it and he still calls it “La-Kid-Ean.” But that’s beside the point.

The interesting part about this whole online persona thing is that it sometimes makes me feel like I have multiple personalities when I really look at it. Because it’s not just my blog personality, there’s also who I am on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat… yikes I do a log of self promotion. gag.

So let’s take a closer look. In my humble opinion, this is how I view my different personas.

The worst version of myself, I think. I try to approach this app playfully, but honestly normal-me isn’t really into the persona I sometimes present. I’m not saying I’m above it, because clearly I’m not, I just don’t particularly like the whole “look at all of my new stuff and how cool I’m trying to make my life look” aspect of Instagram.

Online and in real life, I’m most comfortable with self deprecation, so maybe that’s why Instagram kinda eats my soul sometimes. Even when I present a pretty photo the voice inside of me is always screaming caption it with, “don’t let this pic fool you, I’m a big old sloppy mess still,” which maybe isn’t the best route either? And I know it’s my choice to use Instagram the way that I am so I have no one to blame but myself, but given my job and the way I pay my bills, I sometimes feel like I don’t have a choice.

Boo who. Feel bad for me and my HARD hard life. Ugh, see what Instagram makes me do? 

The person I am on snapchat might be as close as it comes to who I really am (when I’m alone) scary huh? I’m odd AF. I talk in weird voices and accents all. day. long. And I talk to Harlow way too much, just ask him.

I also get jollies off of doing really stupid shit that probably doesn’t humor anyone else but myself. I don’t know why. I’ve just always been this way. And I can’t help it. Being a clown is fun to me. When I see something that bugs me or annoys me, the only way I can process it is by making my own, more heightened version of it. I guess I feel like Snapchat allows me the release from my dirty Instagram self.

Meh. Do I have a persona on Twitter? Barely. I usually just show up here to test out a new joke and promote my blog posts. So I’d this is the most boring version of me.

My get shit done persona. I have four different pages I’m always managing so it’s safe to say I’m a big time pusher on FB. I’m not here to play games, Facebook is all business to me. And a few stupid jokes and status updates…

And finally my BLOG:
I think my blog persona is a mix of everything mentioned above, plus some added emotion and vulnerability? And more animal talk.

Or maybe I’m just kidding myself here and I actually have no idea how people view me? I DON’T KNOW. And that thought makes me nervous. Internet world is weird.

What do you think?

How do you match up to your online persona? Do you think there’s a difference?