10 Reasons I Kinda Like Valentine’s Day

Do you remember Valentine Boxes? As in the shoeboxes you used to decorate in grade school with lace and glitter and then cut a hole in the top so the other kids in your class could drop their Valentines in?

I made this vending machine candy box in 4th grade and it was the best ever… jk! I actually just found this on Pinterest and was reminded how much kids (moms) have stepped up their game in EVERYTHING. I would have gone nuts for this as a kid….err also as an adult.

I’ve never been a crafty person, details aren’t really my thing, so no matter how hard I tried I always had the ugliest box in class. (I’ll resist the urge to make a box joke here, but if you’ve got your own don’t let me hold you back.)

Regardless, I took so much delight in creating those little Valentine boxes. They were a highlight of my year.

I was thinking about that today when I heard someone mention how much they hate Valentines Day. Other than a brief stint in college, I’ve always kinda liked Valentines Day.

Thus I present to you, Ten Reasons I Kinda Like Valentines Day.

Also, I’d just like to go ahead and apologize for the abundance of lists posts I’m throwing your way this week. I know, I know, they’re crappy writing. I’m not happy about it either. Honestly, I’ve just got a lot on my plate right now and my ability to focus is at an all time low.

So let’s just embrace it until I’m able to focus long enough to actually construct a well written post. Your patience is very much appreciated! After all, I’m dying to tell you about my audition yesterday and how I’m probably going to be booked in 100 movies this year. Never mind the fact that the casting director cut me off half way through my very intense monologue about my politician father killing an intern he was sleeping with. I was showing my RANGE!

Anyway, what was I saying? I’m having trouble focusing. Oh yes, I like Valentines Day. Here’s just a few reasons why.

1. Valentine Boxes.
I kinda covered this one above. Because they’re fun, that’s why.

2. Candy hearts with words on them.
These things may taste like shit, but you have to admit they’re pretty cute!

3. Valentine style.
Clothes with red or pink or hearts on them. Stuff I’d never normally wear, but on Valentines Day it feels okay.

Oh who am I kidding? I’ve worn this red striped shirt 100 times since I bought it. Get ready for three very very cool fashion photos coming your way in 3.2.1… Jacket casually thrown over the back. YES!

The walking one. So hard to nail. So hard. This pic is definitely going on Insta later because yasss flares. 

4. Flowers.
And by flowers I mean wine. Which is what I tell Chris every year. “Please don’t spend money on roses, but if you insist on buying flowers just go to Trader Joes and get me a $7 bunch and top it off with a couple of bottles of wine.”

5. Valentine cards/grams.
Like the cheap ones that kids buy to pass out in class and drop in Valentine boxes. Those are my favs.

6. Gummy hearts.
My teeth are rotting just thinking about all of the candy I used to consume as a kid on Valentines Day.

7. This scene from Billy Madison.

8. Mushy Valentine movies.
The good ones, not the 50 Shade ones. I still haven’t seen that entire movie. I’ve started it but just can’t finish it. I just think it’s SO BAD. I can only watch Dakota Johnson bite her lip so many times before I’ve had enough.

9. Spending a day with my Valentines, Chris and Harlow, doing what we love most- eating too much food and being lazy on the couch. Ahh I can’t wait.

10. Valentine presents.
For myself: this mug. (But with Harlow’s face, duh.)

For Chris: probably his standard Arnold Palmer six pack and beef jerky.
For Harlow: a giant heart sized bone like last year.

And there we go. I’ve met my Valentine post quota for the year. What are your thoughts on this day? Are we fans? Or no not at all?