The Dark Side of Blogging

I know blogging might look like it’s all macarons and free phone cases, but it’s not.

There’s a dark side to everything. Sometimes it’s actually very hard and stressful.

Sometimes you have to beg your mom to go to a random alley with you and take photos of you next to a “good wall” by a floating staircase because you need more photos for blog posts because you’re feeling insecure and left behind in a world where fashion bloggers dominate and even though you’re not a fashion blogger you still have to pay bills and oh my gosh why are we all taking the same dumb pics.

(kidding! ish.)

jeans! sweater!

“Move over, I keep getting the D in the picture.”

“The what?”

“The D, just step over a little.”

“Mom, I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. I think you and I have different meanings of the D.”

And so goes a Daily Tay photo shoot. They usually only last 5-7 minutes, but you’d be surprised how many arguments you can pack into that time frame.

In this particular “shoot” a nice gentlemen rode up on his bicycle and proceeded to watch and talk to us through out the entire thing. That was fun. Mind you, this was in Nebraska, not Chicago. So people on bikes in February aren’t exactly the norm. If there’s one thing I love in life, it’s when strangers watch me take uncomfortable photos. Best feeling ever.

But all awkward poses and “what should I do with my hands?” and “where should I look” and “should I cross my feet here or turn them in?” questions aside, I’m actually a little proud of myself for the strides I’ve made with my blogger photo shoots.

Look how far I’ve come since this photo. And I took this one just two years ago. It was my first “fashion photo.” Scrunchy, locked knees, and size 11 feet. Done and done!

We’ve gone from this, to this.

Um not bad, you guys! Might this one even be a little Pinterest worthy? Hey, I didn’t say it. You did.

I could show you 10 more photos of this outfit that are basically the same, but I think you get the idea. You can find everything I’m wearing right here. The wedges are only $49 and they fit very true to size. And the white denim fits like a glove. It’s March, everyone. Bring on the white jeans!

Blogging. What a weird and wonderful career choice I’ve stumbled upon. If anyone needs fashion photo advice, feel free to reach out! I have at least three go-to poses in my arsenal that never let me down.

1. Smile at camera.
2. Look away from camera, still smiling.
3. Cut off head and touch feet. But still smile.

Please don’t give away my secrets. I’ve worked years to master those poses.

And when in doubt, I just send my photos to Helene and politely ask her to edit them because she’s a magician and can make a cloudy day suddenly look sunny.

Blah photo vs BRIGHT photo. How does she do it? I don’t know. Luckily, she shares her secrets here.

Find the shirt on nebrowse. I ordered my last batch so when they’re sold out they’re gone for good this time. Don’t be without a fun shirt this St. Patrick’s Day. Treat yourself.

Finally, what are your blog photo secrets? Do share. We can all help each other out here. We shouldn’t have to face this world alone.