Let’s Get Festive

Yesterday’s post was the product of standup. Given the stories I regularly hear people tell at open mikes, I occasionally forget what is okay to share and what is not… So I’m glad we were on all board with the “code red” stuff.

But let’s change the subject today to something a little more festive, shall we?

My holiday shirts are in and I am very VERY excited about them.

LET’S GET FESTIVE! I really outdid myself with this pic, right? Jk, I wish. Whitney took this photo because she’s a professional and I am not. Find the shirt here,  I have a limited amount so order up.

Now let’s see a product of my photo skills…

I TRIED. I tried so hard. Given that I basically can’t see color, or lines, or wrinkles, this is the best I can do. But it’s fine, because HOLIDAY DRINKING BUDDY is my favorite. Perfect for that night before Thanksgiving we all know and love.

Also, I’m giving away a lot of fun holiday items on my Facebook page found here. Here’s the thing, by now I understand how the tshirt game works. I may not like it, or be able to change it, so the best thing I can do is try to stay ahead of it.

Thus the big fun giveaway…

My goal is to get my shirts in front of as many eyes as possible before the …. “borrowers” step in and borrow the designs and phrases I created. I’m just doing my best here in T-Shirt Town. Harlow has his eye on a new waterbed for Christmas and I’ll never hear the end of it if I don’t get it for him. I told him waterbeds are a thing of the past, but he’s super retro.

So anyway. That’s my strategy this holiday season and I’m sticking to it. If you’re interested in bulk orders (I’ve had several people inquire about buying matching shirts for their entire family which yes that’s AMAZING) just send me an email. We’ll work something out.

Photos by Iron & Honey. Pj bottoms, I SLAY doormat and koozie from Alice and Wonder.
Beanie found here.
Metallic sneakers found here. (They’re less than $40!)
COZY AF sweatshirt found here.
Plaid Jogger Pjs here.