Our Steamboat Wedding Photos

I’m currently taking a break from unpacking to have a glass of wine and eat a bowl of Gardettos- the only two foods we have in our house at the moment. Clearly I bought just the essentials at my last Target run.

I don’t want to bore you with any more details about how awful it is to settle in/decorate a new place (I’ve purchased seven duvet covers in the past 48 hours and nothing is WORKING) so instead let’s look at some wedding photos, shall we? I’m pretty sure I’m about to share way too many, but just skip on by if you’re not interested. I need this right now. Writing a blog post, albeit a very short one, is keeping me sane at the moment.

Also, nine years ago today Chris asked me to be his girlfriend in his dirty Fiji frat room while he munched on an Italian Jimmy Johns sub. I’ll never forget how romantic that night was, not ever. So tonight we’re going to celebrate with a bottle champagne (I’ll drink the bottle, he’ll have one sip) while we watch our wedding video which we just got back today! I’m quite excited.

Without further ado, here’s far too many photos.

So those group shots my be my favorite. I was a bit of a Bride Monster about making sure they happened. They weren’t exactly the easiest to pull off, and at one point I wanted to say screw it, but man I’m happy we went for it. I can just feel the joy when I look at them. They make me smile and giggle and tear up all at the same time. So a big fat shoutout to our photographer Elias for totally capturing the essence of the day.

Ah, what I wouldn’t give to go back…

Anyway,  that’s all for today. But don’t think I’m letting you off the hook this easy, I have about 100 more photos from the ceremony and reception to share. So you better come back. And the VIDEO!