Settling Into Our New Place

Harlow’s doing quite fine in the new place, thanks for asking.

He’s been tirelessly decorating and cleaning and getting things just right, but he always makes time for a little R & R, as you can see.

We’ve been in our new condo for two weeks now and every day we wake up and ask, “how do we get to live here?” I’m not trying to sound smug, we just both honesty feel so excited and grateful we were able to find the place we did. It makes all of those 2 a.m. nights of packing t-shirts totally worth it.

We’re like too gleeful kids on Christmas morning, yes of course we fight like animals when we’re putting stuff together (or moving shit up and down our stairs because Chris moves too fast and even though I look strong I’m not that strong, okay Chris?!?!) but for the most part, we’ve been been walking around on cloud nine these past few weeks.

It’s not like it’s a mansion, it’s a two bedroom condo for God’s sake, but after what we’ve lived in for the past six years, IT’S A MANSION.

We have TWO nightstands. And they match. Do you understand what I’m saying here? Our bed has two sides that you can walk on, you get to choose! Have you ever heard of such luxury?

The walls are bare, but we’re getting there. I obviously have my blogger mirror set up because #priorities. And Har’s in the background judging me, per usual.

It’s also fun that we seem to finally have found our style (or at least we think we have.) It’s taken us about five years, but things are starting to vibe better. We’ve been able to buy pieces that we want (thank you wedding, gift cards!) rather than just accept what our parents no longer want.

The kitchen decor was all Chris, but I think he did good. We have big plans of new backsplash, counters, ext, but those things are all great “winter projects” as people say.

In following the blogger code of conduct, I’ll definitely do a home tour post when it’s ready. But we still have a lot to do before that happens.

Some people have a real knack for home decor, I do not. It does not come naturally to me at all. So the past few weeks it’s been a lot of trial and error while I try to pull something off that I really have no talent for… Luckily there’s Pinterest and also the kind workers at CB2 and West Elm who see me come in every day and know that they have to hold my hand throughout the store and guide me on everything.

But enough chit chat, t-shirt town is calling and the holidays are upon us. Lots to do, not a lot of time.

Below I’ll link some of our home items. A few are definitely invest pieces, but others I searched the internet to find for more affordable prices (like the faux cow hyde from wayfair, holla!) *I already regret writing “holla.” My apologies. There’s also this cow hyde on amazon.

Have a good Monday, friendly reminder that next week is Thanksgiving!

Nordic Bedding. (on sale, while I payed full price last week. cool cool)
White Moroccan Rug.   Red Bench.   Globe Lamp.     Nightstand.  Grey Mongolian Lamb Pillow.

Steel Kitchen Cart.    White stools.

Living room-
Rug from Home Goods! I don’t know how to link it, go find it!
Swivel Chair.     Tripod Lamp.     K, I’m tired of doing this now, bye.