Reflection On 2016

As I’m sitting here trying to recap 2016 I’m feeling nostalgic, reflective, and full of gratitude. It was the best year to date.  For obvious reasons; like my bachelorette! Ha. Ha. But seriously, that was a great trip. Marrying Chris in Steamboat was pretty great too. And our honeymoon. And buying a house in the fall. We did a lot in 2016.

And the thing is, when it started I knew it would be great. Several of my best friends were getting married (and also having bachelorettes) and we had fun trips to go on about every other weekend. So I went into 2016 knowing it would be an awesome year and a fast year. I was right about both.

It wasn’t just the parties and weddings that made 2016 the most enjoyable year to date, it was a few other “practices” I picked up along the way, as well.

I’ve never been quiet about the fact that I love any type of self help. Books, podcasts, movies, specials on Netflix, I love it all! What I have been shy about, is how I’ve incorporated what I’ve learned into my life… I have a lot rituals, practices, ext that I do every day. Some I do several times a day (like saying thank you over and over to almost every object in our home… more on that later.) And I get that some people may think it’s a little wacky, and perhaps it is. But at the root of it I don’t really care because I know what a game changer it’s been for me.

And so I’ve decided to share what some of those “game changer” rituals are. It’s not mind blowing stuff and I’m not taking credit for any of it- it’s simply the byproduct of my years of interest in the self help world.

Can you tell I’m pussyfooting around here at this point? For someone that overshares on the regular (on every medium possible) I’m hesitant to talk about this. I’m about to let you all into my creepy little world where I write my goals down 100 times a day and thank my coffee machine for making my coffee…

I think my fear in sharing some of this stuff is that someone may read it and think I’m being preachy or boastful. And that’s not my intent. I’m just hoping that some of the things that have helped pull me out of funks may work for someone else. I realize we’re all in very different life situations, and I’m lucky to find myself in a good one, but we all have our down days.

And oh my gosh am I RAMBLING.

I’m sorry. Let’s just wrap this up and call it part one while I work on part two. *Part two is really coming. I know I say this a lot and it never comes, but for real this time because it’s basically done at this point.