A Day In The Life (in the winter)

It’s always hard for me to write a post after I’ve touched on a more serious subject like I did on Sunday. How do I go from women’s rights to talking about smoothies, and makeup, and Harlow oh my!

The answer? You just do.

And so I’m going to take a cue from Helene today and use the topic she wrote about, a good ole’ DAY IN THE LIFE. I’ll try to make it entertaining and not cringe-worthy, but as I think about this I realize several of my morning activities may come across as a little bit cringe worthy no matter how hard I try to mask them. So you have been warned.

I wake up by 7:00 every morning. (My resolution of getting up before 6:30 a.m. lasted roughly two days. Such is life.)

I immediately head to the kitchen to get my coffee and then go right back to bed with my “goal journal” to write my mantras for the day.

I write for about ten minutes and then I daydream for about five minutes about how I’d like my day to go. Weird, right?  Whatever. It boosts my mood and while doing it I’m always simultaneously sending gracious vibes out because I feel happy and lucky I get to start my day doing such weird shit- while Harlow sprawls across my legs, I should add.

After the fluffy mind stuff I jump into the emails that need immediate response. 99% of the time this means t-shirt customer questions.

I do this until about 8:30 a.m. when it’s time to take Harlow out. Like myself, he’s super lazy in the morning and it’s wonderful.

We go to one of the two parks by our house so he can do his business and get his morning crazies out. Which park we go to depends on if we see any of his buddies/enemies out.

Buddies =
CeeCee the Springer (arguably his gf but he’d kill me for saying that.)
Rocky the striped pitt mix, tough looking dog but very sweet.
Hoover the Husky, Harlow’s new bestie.

Enemies = any Bulldog. Harlow is VERY judgy of dogs with smooshy faces. It’s quite rude.

After the park I come home and work on a blog post if I haven’t already and make more coffee. Always more coffee.

By 12:30 we’re back at the park or on a run/walk depending on the mud levels.

And then from 1:30 on my afternoon usually consists of T-Shirts, emails and maybe some writing. If I don’t give myself an hour or so to write I get all grumpy and agitated. However, if I DO give myself an hour or so to write I worry that I should be working on my business and I get all… grumpy and agitated.

So it’s super fun in my head between the hours of 2-4 p.m! You should join sometime.

Oh and here’s a little fun fact- if you ever see my insta vids getting really nutty (like when I start doing characters and stuff) it’s usually because I’m having a bad day and doing that pulls me out.

Bad days are usually caused by me feeling hopeless about dogs in shelters, or the t-shirt spiral. I’m so predictable it’s annoying.

Another Har walk happens around 4:30 p.m. And then I treat myself to a glass of wine while making dinner around 5:30.

After dinner Chris and I both work on the couch for about two more hours. Afternoon is my peak time for creative stuff, but late evening is definitely my peak business strategy time. I plan collabs, marketing ideas, giveaways, newsletter topics, new designs, ext.

At some point Harlow and I play hide-n-seek for about twenty minutes if he’s extra crazy.

And then I finish the night with a book or by scrolling my favorite “Think Positive” Instagram accounts.

My days are very random and have very little structure. But I get my shit done and I get to be with my buddy all day so I’m pretty okay with it.

But now I gotta go because it’s Har walk time.