5 Things On Friday

I’m not sure I really have five things, but for some reason writing a number in my title always seems to ease me into a post. I’ve also read it makes for good clickbait.

First things first, I’ve heard from at least ten people who say they have trips to Cuba on the horizon. Boy oh boy, I am excited for you! I’m confident you’ll love it- permitted you like seeing things off the beaten path, enjoy just walking around, and aren’t necessarily looking for a relaxing/resort type of vacation. If you’re a big resort/lay by the pool/get served drinks in a timely manner kind of person, I’m not sure Havana is for you…  Speaking of, I still have my food/drink post to finish up which will come Monday.

Second of all, I went to the doctor this week for basic blah blah blah reasons, one of which being I’ve had a consistent headache for about two months now. It doesn’t keep me from doing my work or make me blackout by any means, but it’s very annoying. Anyway, turns out I’m just really dehydrated. What a simple, preventable reason. I drink about a cup of water a day and apparently that’s not cutting it (maybe it’s more like four cups, but it’s still a pitiful amount.) ….  I’ve read all the things about how great drinking water is for your brain, body, skin, I get it. I’ve just been dumb and haven’t been following the simple guidelines. However, I’m going to start, if not just to kick this two month migraine.

It’s going to be mid 60s all weekend in Chicago. And while this excites me and makes me pretty happy, it’s a little worrisome. This global warming stuff is no joke. Everyone is looking around going, wait is this spring? It can’t be. This is Chicago. Winter lasts until May. And yet the 10 day forecast is all high 50s, low 60s. It’s just kind of eerie. Never the less, I plan to enjoy it…

Speaking of spring, St. Patrick’s Day is one month from today! Mind if I shamelessly plug my fav day drinking tee? Okay, cool! Find it here.

Wow, I almost made it to five. Thanks for hanging in on this ramble of a post.

I guess I’ll end by mentioning two good books I’ve recently read, Small Great Things and Behind Closed Doors. Small Great Things is much better in my opinion, but Behind Closed Doors was a very fast read- I finished it in one travel day.  Have you read either? What did you think?

Have a good weekend! Enjoy the weirdly warm weather.