Five Workout Classes I’ve Left Halfway In


In honor of the first day of spring, let’s do a workout post.

How To Get Swimsuit Season Ready– I believe it was my friend Claire who famously gave this tip in response: “you put on a swimsuit, there you are ready.

I’m probably paraphrasing just slightly, but you get the idea. I’m not here to tell you how to get “swimsuit ready” because a. what does that even mean and b. it’s obviously different for everyone. For example for me, in 2017 I’m trying to figure out how to wear a high waist bikini and/or one piece and feel comfortable/not constantly pull at it. What’s going on with those? I’m yet to try one on where I don’t feel the need to wear a sarong around my waist because there’s just a little too much going on on the backside, or perhaps I mean a little too less?

I know it’s a me-thing, but just a little more fabric would be nice. So if you’ve found some good one-pieces (or cute high-waisters), do share below!

That being said, I made Chris take pics of me next to a brick wall before pilates so damn it a “workout-ish” post is going to happen. Sidenote: we had exactly 35 seconds for this photo shoot. How did we do?

Number one: Me side-eyeing our creepy neighbor like, please stop watching this you, creepy SOB.

Number two: Me flexing super hard while I pretend to fix my hair in hopes Chris will take it before I stop flexing.

Number three. The point where I was saying, “screw it, let’s go inside.

I’ve already mentioned my love for pilates here, it’s literally the only class I’ve stuck with in my life. You get to lay on a board for 55 minutes and come out feeling stronger and happier, what’s not to love?

Instead, let’s talk about classes I don’t love. Thus I present to you “Five Classes I’ve Left Halfway In.” Call me a class-quitter, a giver-upper, I don’t care, life’s too short to stay in a workout class you hate, watching the clock slowly tick backward.

1. Spin class.
I just can’t do it, it hurts my butt too much. And not like a muscle-hurt, but like a “why did someone punch me in the butt” kind of hurt. Also, I can never get the soccer cleat bike shoes to stick into the pedals and once I finally do, I panic I’ll never get them out and will tip my bike over and I’ll be the person stuck in my bike, lying on the floor. Tell me someone else has had this nightmare?

This is what happened when I tried a Soul Cycle class once, I’ll never forget it.

2. Any type of Flirty Girl fitness thing.
Maybe it’s because I’m not in fact a “flirty girl,” but I just couldn’t handle this place. A studio opened by my house and I was sent a free week, I’m not one to turn down free stuff so I went. I walked inside and was given a pink boa, a name tag that read “I’m a flirty girl named _______ ” and a pink sweatband, and I walked right back out.

3. Zumba.

4. Bootcamp. 
Again, I only went to this because it was a free try and it was happening at a park near my house. The “leader” was quite rude and I didn’t appreciate his tone (what was with all the yelling?!) When I walked away ten minutes in the guy screamed after me, “you just gonna quit on me?” And I responded, “Yup, see ya!” and walked to Juice Stop. It was actually a pretty good morning now that I think about it.

5. Stroller Class.
This was just an all around mistake on my part. Harlow wouldn’t stay in the stroller, he kept trying to eat the other babies’ cheerios, and all the Lincoln Park moms were just getting super pissed at me. Really didn’t go over well.

What’s the worst workout class you’ve ever taken? Also, yay spring! It’s 40 and rainy here today, summer is coming!

*I buy almost all of my Lulu pants (like the ones seen above) from their discount site found here. Next on my wish list are these crops and these running shorts

*I also love all Zella jackets  and tank tops for cute workout gear.