Seven Way To Have Festive Fun In Chicago This Holiday Season

The minute November rolls around I’ve got holidays on the mind. I want to do all the festive things, all the time.

Christmas movies? Bring them out. Holiday radio station? Turn it on. Apple cinnamon candles? Get them burning! The season is fleeting, you guys! We must take it all in!

If you have a trip planned to Chicago for December, you are in luck! It’s one of my favorite times in the city. (Second only to summer.) Fall is a close third. And if you don’t have a trip planned, book one now! There is so much to see and do to get you in the festive spirit.

Simply writing this post is getting me so excited already. Let’s start with some of my favs that will surely get everyone in the spirit, whether you’re visiting for a weekend, or have lived here for years:

1. Zoo Lights!
Located in Lincoln Park and it’s FREE. Although I’d bring some cash for mulled wine, but that’s just me!

2. Check out the Christkindlmarket.
Located downtown in the Daley plaza starting November 17th, it’s a good old fashioned German holiday market. Get the mulled wine in a tiny boot because it’s just fun. I also like the warm nuts and potato pancakes.

3. Ice skating in Millenium Park.
We do this every year and it’s a blast.

4. Lunch under the tree in the Walnut Room at Macy’s!
But don’t come too hungry, the wait is usually pretty long!

5. Champagne at the Drake on Michigan Avenue.
Because it’s fun to feel fancy when you’re all dolled up for a night out in Chicago.

6. Catch a holiday show downtown in the theater district.
Check out the list of shows here. 

And finally,  #7 is get that Christmas shopping done!

I started a little bit early (for myself) because I’ve been wanting a fun new rose gold ring for the holidays. I love rose gold year-round, but I’m especially partial to it during the holidays. I just think it adds a nice touch of festive flare!

When I saw this Designer Fashion ring at Michael Hill Jewelers, a favorite local jewelry store here in Chicago, I was all about it. I knew it would look great with daytime outfits right now, and also with a sassy holiday dress at night when December rolls around. And this is the first pear shaped ring I own, so it’s been fun to add a little versatility to my everyday jewelry.

If you’re unfamiliar with Michael Hill Jewelers, it’s a New Zealand-based company that brought it’s speciality jewelry to the U.S. ten years ago.  Founded by Sir Michael Hill, they now have several locations located in New York, Chicago and Minneapolis. The best part? They have a wide variety of price points!

They’re one of the few jewelry retailers to have an in-house master craftsmen. So it makes sense they have an awesome selection of wedding/engagement pieces, watches, and collection pieces. (Not a bad place to start your holiday shopping- they even have a wide selection of pieces under $100 for those shopping on a budget!) If you’re coming to Chicago, make sure to check out one of their locations- start by clicking here.

This post was sponsored by Michael Hill Jewelers, but all opinions are my own!