Children of Bloggers

I’m getting to that point in winter where it feels like summer never actually happened.

It just sounds too good to be true, you know? The idea of walking outside in only shorts and sandals; no gloves, hat, scarf, or long underwear necessary. This really exists? What a dream!

I long for the days of walking to the park at 6:00 a.m., sun high in the sky, knowing in just a few hours the neighborhood kids will flock to the city park pool with their towels and brown bags full of snacks.

So as I sit here on the couch wrapped in a hundred blankets, fearful to take Harlow outside into the blizzard that is happening at the moment, I wonder what on earth I ever had to complain about in the summer. Seriously, what? The weather being too nice? Too enjoyable? Too many patios welcoming me in with open arms and cold beers?

I’ve got a touch of cabin fever, can you tell? In order to keep myself from going stir crazy, I’m hoping to get lost in some fiction this week. Some stuff I’d like to write… And my topic of choice: Children of Bloggers- a little bit of fan fiction.

Hear me out.

Some of you may recall, I did a quick series (fake reality show) on my snaps a few years ago highlighting the life one (fictional blogger kid- Claricia Macaron Rose.) Why? Well because I’m clearly fascinated with this subject. Children who have 50,000 followers on their Instagram page before they hit age five. What must that be like? Good? Bad? Both? Who knows! It’s all still a little uncharted, I think.

From what I’ve gathered, there seems to be a lot of judgment when it comes blog kids. Personally, I prefer to approach it from a strictly comedic only angle. But, I’m curious to know your thoughts? The word I see quite frequently is “exploit.” As in a lot of parents are exploiting their children for financial gain. Allegedly. As a blogger (and non mom) I feel like that’s a bit harsh. But there is a fine line that some do seem to cross.

*cut to me in ten years being the worst Instagram mom EVER. Like 100% gram monster all about dem likes for my tots.*

“I understand you’re upset, Natalie White Fur Rug. But mommy said no pacifiers that are not on brand. And that my sweetheart, is not YOUR brand. Spit it in the garbage and never let me see it again.”

I’ll be the first to admit I love blog families. I’m a little too invested in some and enjoy their milestones like they are my own. Which is… probably very weird. But back off, I was there (on the internet) for the birth of little Elle Hunter Boot!

What if these kids get to spend everyday with their parents, living life to the fullest, while also saving for college with the kickback they get from brands? Is it so terrible that some families have figured out how to make money while spending their days together?

On the flip side, what if they spend everyday with their parents who are constantly behind their phones? Parents who are constantly setting up deals and fake photo shoots? And then one day their child turns seven and is suddenly super pissed off their entire life has been documented on the internet…

But how is that different from people who aren’t bloggers, yet share everyday photos on Facebook or Instagram?

I DON’T KNOW! As with everything, I think there’s a correct way to manage this lifestyle, and a not-so-correct way.

Which is why this subject is very intriguing to me. And also why I’m dying to write fan fiction about a five year old who does package reveals and makeup tutorials, but has no idea that some people aren’t insta-famous.

What are your thoughts?

Also yes, I got Harlow’s permission to post the photo you see above. We’ve had several talks about his “online life,” and his only response is, “give the people what they want.” And that’s him (according to him.)