My Monday Routine

Every Sunday night I set my alarm for 5:45 a.m.

“I’m starting the week on a good note,” I remind myself right before bed. And then when my alarm goes off at 5:45 on Monday morning the first thought in my head is, “what the hell is going on?” And I immediately hit snooze.

I don’t even twice twice. Just snooze, snooze again, and then snooze once more until it’s my normal time of 7 a.m. and I finally realize a new day has set in.

The annoying/sweet thing about Har is that he won’t move from bed until I do. It doesn’t matter if it’s noon because I’m sick, or 4 a.m. because I’m going on a trip. My wakeup time is Har’s wakeup time. But the minute I mumble, “let’s get up,” he jumps to his feet like he’s been waiting for that call all morning.

And then we slog downstairs and into the kitchen.

I make the coffee while Har checks the alley for cats. It’s our morning duties. We both agree to meet up at his food and water bowls in about one minute. And when that time has come, breakfast is served. Coffee and cereal for me and an organic fancy bowl of meat and kibble for Har. If I don’t sit in the kitchen while Har eats, he’ll bring his food to me wherever I am… thus I have learned it’s easier to sit in the kitchen with him. They don’t call them velcro dogs for nothing.

Now we’re to the sweet spot of the morning. The time after breakfast where we move from the kitchen to the couch and Har collapses onto my legs, under a blanket of course, and I have about 25 minutes to check emails/plan the day before it’s park time. This is by far my favorite part of any day. Har on lap, journal and coffee in hand, feeling super grateful I get to start the day how I do.

Until…  until it’s park time. Especially winter park time.

In the summer it’s lovely. I simply go from pj shorts, to outdoor shorts. Slippers to flip-flops. We walk the block to the park and it’s all a breeze. LIFE IS WONDERFUL.

And then winter happens. And it’s a different story.

I go from my cozy couch to having to put on layers and layers of clothing just so Har can go to the bathroom. Leggings under jeans, socks under boots, long sleeve shirt and robe under coat (robe under coat is a winter morning staple) scarf, gloves, and a hat.

I’m at that point again where I’m dreaming about the luxury of a backyard, can you tell?

Anyway, back to this very exciting post about my Monday routine. Have I lost you yet? Bless you for hanging in.

I always wake up with the urge to write on Mondays, but it’s difficult for me to focus in on one subject. For example today was going to be about: My Winter Reading List, Joys of Getting Older (I hurt my back today combing my hair, how the hell does even happen?) The Isolation of Working From Home, Starting a Blog, Me In High School, and about 100 other VERY good and original ideas. I couldn’t settle on one, thus we have what we have.

Other Monday stuff includes:

Trader Joe’s run (who’s got a new recipe for me?!)

Ordering new inventory -this takes me HOURS. Especially during the pre-holidays… I have to see what is selling, what isn’t, and what I expect (hope) will be big this week. (Speaking of… you have a few more hours to get 25% off EVERYTHING in our Festive Fun line with the code FESTIVE25. Click here!)

Planning new inventory– more hours spent in head.

2 p.m. Monday anxiety crash. –  this one is so predictable it’s a wonder it even bothers me now. Is it from coffee? Most likely. Drinking too much wine over the weekend? Definitely. How I beat it: Self help podcast and a long walk with Har.

4 p.m. post – crash MUST GET ALL THE SHIT done jolt- again, so predictable… (jolt comes from inspirational podcasts.) Busy work, emails, annoying stuff I’ve put off all day.

And then I walk Har again, make dinner, Chris comes home, and we both watch TV/work from the couch. That’s our Monday in a nutshell. Really interesting stuff. Now it’s time for inventory and a Universe quote.

“The universe is always responding to your vibration. Stay present and be grateful for the abundance you are receiving.”

Now take a deep breath and go do your Monday.