My October Plan of Attack

Since today is October 1st, I’m going to issue the same warning I give at the start of every May… And it goes like this: Buckle up, because these next few months are going to fly. Fly, I tell you! Sure, it may feel like the start of October now, but tomorrow we’ll wake up and it will be January. Cold and grey and dreary and omg time is going to fast.

Stay. Present. (That’s just as much a reminder to me, as it is you.) Must enjoy October while it’s here! *insert all of your favorite October quotes.*

I won’t beat around the bush, I’ve had about a bucket of coffee this morning and I’m struggling to focus so today may be a weird ramble. But I am determined to have a great week because the beginning of a new month always feels like a fresh start to me. And last week was a bit…. shitty. I came here several times trying to write something light or happy but I didn’t have it in me. I was lost in the comment section on Facebook reading things I shouldn’t be reading and I could barely pull my head out of my anxiety hole to take a breath.

The name calling, the shit talking, the back and forth of everyone just screaming at each other trying to be the loudest voice, it was all too much and it wore me down. Let’s just say by Friday afternoon I was scrubbing the floorboards for the third time of the week …  So our house looks pretty great right now.

I’m also well rested and my skin is glowing because those are my three go-tos when I can’t deal: clean, nap, shower. Repeat as necessary.

But alas, it’s a new month. I’m not going to discuss the event’s of last week anymore because I’d like to focus on the positive.

This is my plan of attack for October:

Wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual.

Write down five things I’m grateful for every morning (big or small.)

Write down five things I haven’t accomplished yet (but write them as if I had) For example: So happy I finished my book… Feels great to work out everyday. 

Send positive vibes to a stranger. Concentrate on putting out more light, joy, compliments, in general.

Focus on what matters, let go of what doesn’t.

I repeat, let of whatever is not serving you. October doesn’t have time for that negative shit.

Our thoughts create our reality…  So stop thinking about things you don’t want.

LASTLY… I’m going to share a weird practice I used to do but kind of forgot about, but I think it’s time I revisit it. The mirror game. When I used to work in a cubicle and feel extremely trapped and sad I had to leave Harlow everyday for a job I absolutely hated, I would look in the mirror as I got ready and ask myself, “if today’s your last day alive, are you happy with what you’re doing?” The answer was always no. So the follow up was then, “so what’s one small thing you can do today to get closer to answering yes?”

I most definitely did not invent this practice, it was probably learned in one of the thousands of self help books I’ve read, but I can assure you that it has helped me. I’ve realized that I kind of think about mortality a lot, perhaps you’ve noticed… but not in a morbid way, more so in a way that’s just like, you better get done what you want to do because you haven’t got forever, kind of way.

Today my answer is mostly yes, I know and appreciate how lucky I am, but lately I’ve gotten off track thanks to LIKES and shiny things, so I need to refocus a bit to remember what it is I’m really working toward.

And there we go. That’s my October list. I have you have a great week full of pumpkins and nice smelling candles and whatever else brings you joy.

“So happy I’ve blogged every single day this week.” 😉

Coming this week:

Things To Do In October In Chicago

PRAGUE (for real this time.)

On Working From Home.

New Fall Tshirts Are Out!

If you have any hot ideas for blog topics this month let me know! 🙂