Prague Greetings From Clint and Tammy

As many of you probably know, Clint and I recently celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary in Prague. And all I can say is WOW! What a trip.

We left the kids, SuAnn, John John, and little Pip Squeakers, home with Clint’s parents while went we jet setting abroad! And while I missed the kiddos like crazy, it was so wonderful to get away. Clint and I just needed this time alone, you know? We soaked it all in with leisurely walks in the morning, enjoying a beer or two at lunch (Clint, not me lol!) and settling into nice long dinners in the evening.

I know what you’re thinking, enough babbling Tammy, get into it already! I’ll share some of our favorite photos and favorite memories. If you’re on my friends and family email list, there’s a chance you’ve already seen some of these since I sent out links to our top 17 photo sharing clouds earlier in the week.

And Thad- please keep your snarky comments to yourself. Like I already said, if you don’t want to get my emails kindly remove yourself from my list! Your commentary is not appreciated by Clint or myself!

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sum up the magic of this unforgettable trip in one post, but I’ll sure try!

This first image is when we did a “Prague Old Car Tour.” And what a treat this was. We spent an hour driving around the city while the driver/tour guide gave us all sorts of fun facts and history about Prague.

Had it not been for my darn IBS that hit me toward the end of the tour, I could have rode around in that beautiful car all afternoon.

Fun fact: this specific day was the hottest day on record for all of 2018 in Prague! Both Clint and I got an extreme heat rash later in the day because of it, causing both of us to get violently ill, but that’s neither here nor there. Still a very fun day!

This next one was taken on a gorgeous morning when we went on a little hike to the castle.

Clint sprained his ankle on the hill coming down, but it healed up rather quickly!  You can hardly see him limping in the image below.

We must have crossed the famous Charles Bridge at least twenty times a day, enjoying the sights and taking it all in.

Here is an image of me taking it all in. That’s the thing about Prague, we could walk around for hours and hours just marveling in its beauty. It’s unlike anywhere in Missouri or Nebraska.

Up ahead is the statue of John of Nepomuk, the statue has been touched by countless people over the ages as it’s said to bring you good luck and make all of your wishes come true. I wished that Thad would stop being so rude to me all of the time.

Time will tell if it comes true.

Unfortunately, after Clint rubbed it he picked up a bit of a staph infection in his right hand and got pretty sick for a few days. But he healed up quickly. What a fun day.

But really, have you ever seen such gorgeous streets?

I took this photo on my new Canon. Even though I cried on Christmas morning when the kids gave it to me because I thought it was more a gift for them rather than me, I really enjoy using it!

And this is when Clint and I did a walking tour of Prague from our phones. The other option was to pay someone to walk in front of us and just tell us stuff. Shelling out $85 for someone to spout facts that may or may not be true? No thank you! We learned so much for FREE on our APP. Would definitely suggest this.

Watch out, everyone. This is when Clint had two beers at lunch and went on his “we need to get rid of Daylight Savings” rant. Boy oh boy, don’t get him started on this one.

Unfortunately, he got so amped up thinking about time zones he accidentally hit his head and fell into the river. But he dried and healed quickly. Such a fun day!

If I look pained here it’s only because of my darn IBS, again. Prague food is rich. But worth it!

For restaurants we suggest:

Mlejnice Restaurant for dinner. And when you can’t get in there walk across the street to the pizza restaurant and you’ll love it just as much. Maybe.

For brunch: Mistral Cafe.

For drinks: Hemingway Bar is something to see, I suppose. Drinks are a little fancy and a little pricey.

For hotel: We stayed at the Hotel Smetana which was very nice. We could see the river from our room and that was such a treat. My favorite thing was to sit right here and overlook the beautiful scenery and wonder why Thad was trying to tear our family apart.

So much beauty!

For our last night in Prague, we went to the opera at the National Theater. (Clint’s idea.) Just look how excited he is!!! He can’t actually move here because his left leg is broken – I’ll spare you the boring details. But let’s just say the other guy (city bus) won! Ha ha.

(This isn’t my photo, I took it from google I hope that’s okay!)

And that was our Prague trip! Needless to say, it was amazing. We would definitely go back. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! Unless your name is Thad. In that case, please never so much as speak my name again. If you show up at Christmas you will be thrown out of the window. I’m serious Thad, I’ve had enough of your bullshit.

Anyway, thanks everyone for reading, hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Love and miss you all!