Starting a Biz, Working From Home, and BLACK FRIDAY!

A post about working from home, starting a t-shirt business, and BLACK FRIDAY.

First things first, as of twelve hours ago you can get 25% off your ENTIRE purchase from my shop by using the code STAYMERRY. This sale will most likely be active for about six more hours… give or take. (Give or take my stress level.)

Now to answer a few more of your questions!

“Which came first, the blog or the t-shirt shop?”

The blog! I started this blog in 2009 (in blogland that’s like 85 years ago.) I started Taylor Wolfe Shop in 2014.

“How did you start your t-shirt business?”

With very little research and a whole lot of “I sure hope this goes well!” thoughts… I’m a “jump in the water then figure out how to swim” kind of person. Sometimes this serves me well, sometimes it does not.

“Why did you start it?”

Because my invention of the “Blankron” didn’t take off like I hoped it would. “It’s a blanket AND an apron!!!”

And also because I was laid off from my previous job about six months earlier and made a promise to myself I’d never be in the position again where someone else had that much control over my future. One day I was fine and the next morning without any warning, I was “let go.” And I was furious. So right then and there I started writing a new mantra daily: “I will be my own boss for the rest of my life,” over and over and over.

Please note, this was also during a time when I cried a lot and felt very hopeless and lost about ever having a job that didn’t crush my soul. So maybe this could be a post idea for next week? “How To Believe In Yourself When You’re Crying Daily and Eating Black Beans From the Can For Every Meal.” -my first memoir!

“I want to start a t-shirt business, how I do I do it?”

You don’t. Next question.

Jk!!! There is room for all of us. This is what I suggest: Find a brand of t-shirts you love (it’s as easy as checking the tags in your closet,) then find a printing company that’s affordable and gives you a quick turnaround, put the two together and make t-shirt magic.

I buy almost all of my marketing tools from Vistaprint and my printing supplies come from Uline.

Find a platform to sell. Starting on Etsy is always a safe bet, but eventually you’ll outgrow it and want to have your own site and at that point I suggest Shopify. 

“What is one thing you do to make your business successful?” 

There is not one thing, there’s a hundred. And you have to keep doing them every single day. And when they stop working you have to think of a hundred new things. The marketplace is constantly changing so that means you have to as well.

You have to constantly push, promote, and step outside of your comfort zone.

Did I mention I’m running a huge sale right now!? DID I?!? Order for everyone in your family!

“How do you come up with your t-shirt designs?”

I study the trends of what’s in style and then try to figure out what’s missing. What shirt can’t I find- but I would definitely buy? Then I go to the drawing board. I’m also always trying to incorporate dogs somehow. Or day drinks.

“What’s the best part about working for yourself?”

Having Harlow on my lap right now.

I also love setting my own schedule. I get very itchy and claustrophobic if I think someone is trying to tell me what to do.

“What’s the worst part?”

The fear and anxiety of knowing I am solely responsible for making my business succeed. The constant hustle and grinding I mentioned above. If I don’t work, my business doesn’t work.

I’ve started this really annoying habit where I get extra nervous if I’m away from my computer for more than a day or two. Ugh, it’s gross I know. Like vacations for example, aren’t quite as fun as when I worked a corporate job and would sign off and not check a single email for seven days. That said, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve just learned to manage it better. Which means I check emails for a few hours every day on vacation and all is fine! Gotta find some balance.

“Do you get lonely working from home?”

I get asked this a lot, usually from people who are new to the working-from-environment. It typically goes like this, “How do you keep from going stir crazy? Or like doing 100 loads of laundry a day? Do you get together with friends a lot?”

Truthfully….. no, no, and no.

I thrive in isolation. I love it too much, I think. And so unfortunately, I don’t have much advice to offer in this department. Go to a coffee shop? Idk. The amount of time I spend all by myself would scare the shit out of most people and that’s okay. We’re all different. You do you. Do I wish I had better people skills? Yeah, probably. But then I’d maybe have worse dog skills and I don’t want to risk losing that.

Have I ever mentioned that more than a few psychics have told me I can talk to animals? It’s TRUE. And both times I laughed and was like, man I can’t wait to tell Harlow this.

And now I have to go.

So I’m going to get out of here on this. A little self help, if you will.

If you’re thinking about starting something new, stop thinking and do it. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, or for someone to give you a nudge, hi! I’ll be your nudge.

If the thought of, “there’s already too many people doing it now anyway, why should I even bother?” is holding you back, then write that line on a piece of paper, get a lighter, and burn that shit. (Or just flush it in the toilet, please don’t burn your house down.)

Because the Universe is ABUNDANT. I already said it once, but I’ll say it again, there is room for all of us. You’ll start to notice crazy changes in your life if you can switch your mindset from lacking to abundance. The most successful and happy people don’t hoard their good energy, they share it. And if the Universe didn’t want you to succeed, it wouldn’t have given you the urge to do whatever it is it wants you to do in the first place.

Can you tell I’m heavy into my self help podcasts again, CAN YOU?!

I’m also just a big believer is supporting people taking chances and doing what they love. Happier people = happier world. *and hopefully happier dogs.

When you finally start, don’t belittle yourself for waiting this long, celebrate the fact you’re actually doing it.

Lastly, I’m excited to announce I’ll be starting my self help speaking tour next week. It’s sponsored by coffee and coffee! Coming to an elementary gymnasium near you.

jk jk jk jk.  Now please go shop my sale before it’s over. BYE!