Yellowstone Road Trip Part 1

Before we confirmed our Airbnb, the owner of the cabin we hoped to rent emailed us and asked, “Are you sure you want to come right now? The weather isn’t great.” And that should have been our first red flag that perhaps we shouldn’t visit Yellowstone in October. But you know what? We did it anyway! And other than the (two) terrifying blizzards we drove through at night, we regret nothing!

I’m by no means a Yellowstone expert (we’re the idiots who visited in October after all…) but I will tell you a few things we enjoyed/places we visited. But for the most part, this will be a photo drop post. 🙂 Even though the snow was cold and actually even closed down the park for a while, it made for great pics.

Where we stayed: We rented this cabin and loved it. If you or your significant other likes to fish, this place is perfect! (Even if you don’t fish, which neither of us did, we still enjoyed the views of the Madison river.)

Entrance we used: The West Entrance.

Why it was actually kind of great visiting in October: we had the park to ourselves! 🙂

Best animal spotting: Lamar Valley or any valleys near the West Entrance.

Rules about dogs in Yellowstone: They can visit, but only in the car :/ Harlow was also able to get out in parking lots around the park.

Other places we visited: Jackson Hole, Livingston, Bozeman, Earthquake Lake, and Grand Teton National Park.

This was taken in Livingston. Such a cute town!

And there you have it- our trip to Yellowstone in a few photos. If you’ve never been, I highly suggest it!

Next up: Moab recap! And after that I’ll probably write one more travel post that is less photos and more words where I go into more detail about how to drive 4500 miles with your husband and dog and not go insane sitting in a car for that long. 🙂

Now for a few affiliate links: Use this link if you’re new to AirBnb and you’ll get $40 off your first stay!

My boots with red laces// Chris’s boots with red laces 😉 // Har’s plaid vest// green fleece//


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