Weekly Recap- Vloggy Style

Friday, September 27, 2013

(Don't worry, if you hate vlogs this isn't going to happen every week now, I promise.)

The cast of Breaking Bad at the Emmys.

My parents neighbor's house (not at the Emmy's.)

Catch her if you can. But really, somebody catch her.

More saving. More doing. That's the power of Home Depot.

Don't hate her, cuz you aint her.

300 Sandwiches Gal and her bf, who looks like Taram Killam doing an impression of Clay Aiken doing an impression of Brad Pitt.

Don't worry guys, she's only a "vegan" stripper.

Forget celebs, animals are all the rage now for backing political movements.

"I like Molly."

Thanks again for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

*Follow along on Instagram @taylorgracewolfe this weekend as I take more photos showing how beautiful Chicago is right now. And there will of course be a few Harlow pics in the mix, as well.

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  1. After following you for so long, it's so nice to hear your voice (is that creepy??!) and see your personality on camera! Hilarious as always!


  2. I love the vlogs, I think you should make it a weekly thing! Miley's desperation just makes me uncomfortable these days, poor girl.

  3. Seriously...is that your parent's neighbor's house??? OMG! They're gonna blow up the whole damn neighborhood. Ha!

  4. Oh, and I like your weekly vlogs, too. :)

  5. love your vlogs! You totally don't sound like what I thought you'd sound like... being from the KY I think everyone should either sound southern or northern and I completely forget that the rest of the country might be accent free or something :)
    Also, I want to order a chicago pizza and ship it here for my husbands bday (he loves pizza!). Do you recommend Ginos, Lou Malnati's, or Giordanos?

  6. Hahaha, it's fun seeing you vlogging these! I like your Midwestern accent - my best friend's from Chicago and we make fun of her so much whenever she says she's off to stats class - "styaaaats" ;) Love my Midwesterners!

  7. I LOVE these vloggys! Thanks Taylor - and keep up the Friday vlogs, you are hilarious!

  8. oregon making an appearance in the vlog two weeks in a row. and the vegan strip club is a real thing, they have to compete with the other well known strip club in portland that serves steak bites with a side of tatas.

  9. Love the weekly vlogs, you need to make it a thing! Oh, Miley. It's horrible but I envision 300 Sandwiches getting dumped at #299 with a "Well that was fun, good luck"?

  10. I love this! YOu should for sure do it every week. How can you not love a vegas vacation reference? shoutout to yuma arizona!

  11. LOL...i'm from KY...that girl has evidently got some skills...funny vlog!

  12. i'm loving the vlogs too!! so funny to read your captions but then when you talk about it --its even better! hilar. you should totally do this weekly.

  13. Oh goodness Tay, you have me in hysterics!! I love how conversational you are and how the wit just flows... You are a natural!! x

  14. Macklemore looks great! LOL

    Vegan strip club...finally now I can go to a strip club.