Birdie & Harlow

The hilarious and unforgettable story of one woman’s wonderfully codependent relationship with her dog – and what he taught her about chosen family and the reward of motherhood.

Birdie & Harlow is the story of a baby and a dog. But motherhood is never quite that simple. In Taylor Wolfe’s case, it is a road as long, winding, and zigzagging as it gets.

Meant to be a last-minute anniversary gift for her then boyfriend (and now husband), the highly-energetic and loud-mouthed Vizla puppy named Harlow turns out to be the best snap decision twenty-year-old Taylor ever makes—and the beginning of the most epic friendship she ever has. As Wolfe’s resistance to 9-5’s and traditional adulthood grows, Harlow becomes the perfect companion for her eccentricities in a world that thrives on conformity. Wolfe’s twenties—full of pitfalls and surprises, sad days and silver linings—led her to the realization that life is too short to spend your days in a crate (or a cubicle), that parks are meant to be enjoyed, and most importantly, that yes, she wants to be a mom. But isn’t she, really, one already?  A magnificent and masterfully-written memoir, Birdie & Harlow is a tribute to the many expressions of modern motherhood, to both human and fur babies alike. Like all moms, Taylor laughs—at herself, her weird jobs, the small apartments, the unexpected wins, and the utter failures—and reminds all of us that life will surprise you and families should come in every shape and size.