When Chicago Woke Up

Sunday, April 13, 2014

This past weekend was a good one. It was a breath of fresh warm air that was desperately needed here in Chicago.

Friday night was spent grilling out on our patio for the first time in six months. Six months! That is far too long to go without a good grilled dog and some potato wedges. If you google 'Merica this meal will pop up.

And then Harlow begged for a little ice cream for dessert. Don't worry, there wasn't any chocolate remaining. Although a part of me thinks that whole "dogs can't have chocolate" thing is a total lie made up by cats.

Saturday we jumped on our bikes and headed to Wicker Park to have brunch at Carriage House.  This is some sort of egg, truffle, and grits combination that was deeee-licious!

And a side of bacon because why not?

After brunch we went back home and grabbed Harlow to bring him to the beach to walk along the rocks for a bit.

But of course Harlow jumped down too far and then panicked when he couldn't get back up. It looks like he's smiling but this is actually his "Oh no guys, help me. HELP ME!" face.

Saturday evening we were happy to see our favorite DQ had opened its outdoor window again for the season, so naturally we had to stop. Harlow said it was his treat.

And back to the beach we went on Sunday morning to enjoy the warm weather before the snow is rumored to move in. I'm really really hoping it doesn't come. This weekend was such a tease.

Like I said guys, it was a good weekend. This city is just the best. And now per the usual I'm not super excited about Monday showing its face.

Anyway, before I sign off I'm going to share a little blip about the hilarious site, Melanys Guydlines. I was sent this recap from her assistant and I'm pretty much impressed by anyone who has an assistant. Not to mention she's basically a social media guru and has over 26,000 fans on Twitter and Facebook. I've corresponded with Melany quite a bit over the month and not only is she incredibly nice, it's also easy to tell she's incredibly savvy and knows how to run a great site! I'd recommend staring with this post, or this post. Both are great for those of you wanting to learn more about social media.

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  1. That food looks so good. Especially the plate full of yummy that's covered in cheese.

  2. This weekend was absolutely beautiful. Until this afternoon when the rain came.But even still, rain is happier than snow. I'm praying the snow never shows up and it's just rain and then back into the 70s!

  3. It looks like you had an awesome weekend! Pretty sure my dog is super jealous she didn't get any ice cream from us this weekend. What is it with dogs and ice cream, anyway?

  4. Such a beautiful weekend! Hope y'all continue with the nice weather!

  5. Jealous of your weather and weekend! Hoping that the snow doesn't come (we don't have that problem in Phoenix, but it's already 100 degrees- yikes!)

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. I NEED my boyfriend to cut his hair like Chris. NEED TO.

  7. As a fellow Chicagoan - are you as surprised and dismayed about the lack of DQ locations as I am! 4 in a city of 3 million people - how am I supposed to fulfill the obease mid-western american stereotype with a lack of DQ's to visit?

  8. True story--my sweet pup I had in college (a nine-pound morkie, mind you) sniffed her way to a ONE POUND Hershey's bar (my roommates and I were obsessed with s'mores) and she never so much as yakked. Cats totally made that shit up.

  9. What a lovely round up...I need more walks, yummy food and that pooch in my life!
    Katie x

  10. That egg dish looks amazing and I loved your Instas - looks like the Windy City really is warming up!

  11. I am not excited for this rumored snow either. The past few days have been glorious! And the flowers are blooming around my house.

  12. I'm so jealous of all of the amazing food you eat. How are you not like 500 pounds?! I would be someone from a 1930's horror movie! I swear...if you say you're one of those naturally thin people, I'm going to cry.

  13. Love all the photos, the food looks so nice one could eat it, oh yeah one did and not this one..........bugga

  14. it´s official, i love your dog´s face.

  15. Grill food? Yes please... Favorite food ever is grilled :)