What's In My Beach Bag

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I always love the "what's in my bag" posts so I figured it was about time I make my own. So if you would open my Henri Bendel beach bag right now this is what you'd find.

Obviously I'm totally kidding. That might be what you'd find in my bag if I had a perfect life and could afford a $250 beach bag. 

Let's be honest, if you open my "beach bag" right now what you would actually find would be ten plastic bags used for picking up after Har, two old chap-sticks covered in sand, and probably an empty bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.  I wish I was fancy enough to have a "what's in my bag" post, but I think we all know by now that I'm not.

But luckily I'm going to introduce you to someone who is much more put together and has an actual "what's in my bag" post to share with all of you. Her name is Rebekah and she blogs at Wearable.


I'm Rebekah & I blog over at Wearable. I have a passion for style--whether it be fashion or home! Stop by the blog & say hi when you get a chance!

This week I thought I would share with you what's in my beach bag. Now this is an interesting post, because I have already been to the beach this summer. These items are MUST-HAVES & totally edited based on what I wished I had on the beach ;)

bb 1

A cute beach bag is obvious! I honestly don't even remember where I got this one, but it's huge & I LOVE IT!

I used my favorite beach towel as the background in these pictures!

bb 2

1. Bobble Water Bottle--it totally has a filter in the lid, so you can fill it up and not have to worry about yucky water! LOVE the style, love the color!
2. Your favorite magazine--my favorites include: InStyle, People StyleWatch, & Lucky
3. A spray bottle--THIS is the one item that I did not take to the beach with me & I wish I had. When you don't want to get in the ocean water & it's SUPER hot, you need a way to stay cool. HINT: fill it up with ice water so it will stay cool all day ;)
4. Supergoop Sunscreen--here's where I will be your annoying
pharmacy studentmom & tell you how much you should take care of your skin! I promise, it's worth it! And this supergoop is what I use for extra protection on my face.
5. Your favorite sunscreen--I have to use banana boat for my all over sunscreen, because I'm super allergic to anything else! Spray is great, just be sure to cover well & REAPPLY every 2-3 hours or anytime you get wet.
6. Your iPhone & earbuds
7. Clinique Moisturizing Lotion--I use this before applying sunscreen to be sure to keep my face from breaking out or drying out!
8. Bug spray--bugs love me, I don't know why. There ARE bugs on the beach you guys, so don't forget the spray!
9. Bluetooth speaker--we totally hung this speaker from our umbrella & jammed out!
10 & 11. Lip care--be sure to include something clear for moisture then cover with something fun for color!
12. Ray-Bans--the favorite. I promise if you haven't gotten a pair, save up & do it. BEST decision I ever made. They go with any outfit.

bb 3

So, now I've gotta know...what are your beach bag essentials? I'm sure I'm forgetting something ;)
Thank you so much to Taylor for having me on the blog today!

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  1. I wish my beach bag was that organised; mine is mostly determined by how much factor 50+ I can cram in it!

    My Beach Bag Essentials are definitely water (icy cold with slices of lemon, they perk up the colour and the taste too!), sunscreen in the highest factor I can find because I'm so fair I come with a Health and Safety Label (!), a straw hat, my sunglasses, and a great book to get stuck into. I never thought of taking two types of lippy, or a moisturiser with me, so I'll definitely be trying that out!

    Em xo

  2. You are hilarious. As soon as I saw this post- I thought, she never does these. And then I saw those clothes and thought they weren't really your story - as far as I know anyway!

  3. ha. What's in my beach bag is a boat load of sand and some old granola bars, perhaps some moldy towels that no one remembered to bring in. Fun post! And I know your dorito bag would be totally empty since you've admitted to tipping it up and drinking the crumbs. :)

  4. I always need gossip mags for the beach/pool! Essentials ;)

    I would love it if you could check out my summer link up.

  5. my beach bag would have everything you named + beer. right there with ya sister.