Viva Las Omaha

Monday, August 18, 2014

After almost four days in Vegas, Chris walked in the door last night and looked a little... rough. I think Harlow could sense his desperation because he gave him a greeting like never before, he whined and whimpered and brought every toy to Chris's feet in a matter of seconds. It was pretty cute, I think Harlow worried Chris was going to get eaten by Vegas. I may have been too.

And here's the difference between a guy's trip and a girl's trip, I asked Chris if he took any pictures and he said "nope." If it had been a girl's bachelorette, Facebook and Instagram would have been flooded with photos all weekend and a few new hashtags would have been created. But not for these guys, there's not a trace of the weekend to be found anywhere. Unless there's a "Hangover-esque" camera in hiding somewhere... 

But who needs a weekend in Vegas with twenty guys when you can have a weekend in Omaha, Nebraska with two toddlers? Don't be too jealous, but here's a few photos of my crazy weekend with Knox and Lola.

We slid down some tall slides.

(On a piece of cardboard so I could go faster, because I'm a 10 year old.)

Admired the pretty fountains.

Still admiring.

Fed some ducks near this water fall thing.

Photo shoot with the happy kiddos.

Knox even made an appearance. This kid is three. But he looks seventeen.

And then we found a teenager to take a few blurry photos of my sister, mom, and I before having dinner in the Old Market.

Don't ever underestimate the fun that can be had in Omaha, Nebraska.

Time to take on another Monday.

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  1. well it looks like a blast to me!! i guess everything that happens in omaha really doesn't stay there... am I right?!
    I need coffee.

  2. Omaha looks like a great time. My man's best friend always has a camera, so I know there is never a moment missed, although they also know when to just not share them. Those are some super cute kids!

    Glad you had a good weekend.

  3. The more I see pictures of friends back in Nebraska, the more and more I miss it. If it only had mountains and Table Rock Lake. :)

  4. Great pictures of people having so much fun

  5. That looks like a perfectly lovely weekend.

  6. Omaha looks pretty damn neat.

    I'd cut someone to go down that slide.

  7. Haha cuties! x

  8. This looks like such a fun weekend and I am glad to hear Chris survived!