20 Things Women Can Do Better Than Men

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Guess what gals?! Today (April 14) is Equal Pay Day 2015! Let's all celebrate by kicking off our pantyhose and going to a bar to drink Cosmos (if they're on special) and chatting about things like high heels and lasagna recipes. 

What's this day mean you might ask. Well on average, this is how far we ladies have to work into 2015 in order to make the same amount the gentlemen did in 2014. Think about that for another second.  No, really think about it. It's a fun concept, right? 

Now I'm more on the side of gender equality rather than proving one group (like women) might be more superior. However for the sake of today's post, I'm going to go ahead and talk about all the things I think women can do better than men. Because GO WOMEN!

I can do 100 things at once. Chris can do 1. 

-Making to-do lists. And crossing that shit off!


Don't believe me? Next time you're with a group of men and women ask them both to do a simple cartwheel and see who's better.

-Teaching the future generation.
(69% of people in educational services are women. )

-Having the flu and still being a human and not moaning on the couch all day.
(man flu is the worst flu.)

-Cleaning the house in less than 5 minutes when guests pop by. 

-Throwing away unnecessary mail.

-And empty shampoo bottles.

-And price tags removed from clothes.

-We're just better at throwing away things that should be thrown away I should say.

-Making pretty staged photos on Instagram

-Doing good for the world.
(66% of people who work in grant making and civic operations are women.)

-Actually running through an entire play on offense in a basketball game. 
(This one came from Chris. But I get it. Lady ballers run plays, men just shoot.)

-Enduring pain.

-Analyzing EVERYTHING.

-Helping those who need it most.
(73% of social workers are women.)

-Having entire fake conversations/arguments in a our head in preparation for one that may never actually play out... Just me? Okay...

-Talking on the phone.

-Texting back. 

-Resisting the urge to cat call. 
Sometimes I see a really good looking dude on the street and want to say "hey man, you'd be a lot cuter if you smiled!" But I don't. Because that's rude.

-Noticing details. Every detail.

-Painting our nails.

-And finally, we're better at producing new humans. 

We're really good at this in fact. And every day we're getting closer to finding a way to doing this on our own... So buck up men, and start treating us like we should be treated, or we might just take you out of this equation.


  1. First of all, man flu is definitely the worst. It's like a punishment to women.
    Secondly, I love the point about resisting cat calling. So often I want to tell a random guy how good his booty looks but, like, I'm pretty sure that's NOT actually socially acceptable.... 'cause it's not.

  2. I love all of this. Last night I got into a dumb facebook argument (you're better than that, me) about how hormones shouldn't affect any part of your decision for voting for a female president, or politician. Keep on, keeping on women of the world.

  3. This is the best. Seriously.

  4. This is so true! When I'm in pain, I tolerate it without complaint. Dave gets a paper cut and it's like he's on his death bed!

  5. this is so so good! thanks for writing about this because we are some bad ass women and deserve to be paid equally (but honestly WhyTF is this still a thing that exists today?!)

  6. BUT THE MAN FLU. or the man "any kind of sickness or injury + our life is really basically over"

  7. These are all so spot on. Cartwheels ESPECIALLY.

  8. I love the one about having whole conversations in preparation for the conversation that's never gonna happen. i do that all the time.

  9. I LOVE this!! Except, sadly, I'm guilty of the Man Flu. I revert to being 5 years old and needing my momma when I get sick. Oops.

  10. Yes, yes, 100% yes. We're so awesome.

  11. high fives to the women who are blogging, reading this, and not having the man flu! hahaha. LOVE this!

  12. I agree with every single point on here! Awhoo hoo to the ladies! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  13. The man flu is my favorite. It's so true! Men are ridiculous when they're sick.

  14. The man flu is my favorite. It's so true! Men are ridiculous when they're sick.

  15. I'd choose having the flu MYSELF over man flu. The WORST. And multitasking - SO freakin' true...


    And having fake conversations in your head - you're not the only one. :)

  17. Man Flu. Why should we be punished for their poor immune system? It is a great injustice, but not as great as the idiocy of not being paid equally for our work. Thanks for bringing light to a serious subject in a fun way.

  18. Oh shit yes, I do pretty much all these things

  19. I would like to add finding things. I often tell my husband that we are going to have a scavenger hunt in the house so he can find all the things he swears I've thrown away or hidden from him. No, honey, they are actually just in the drawer where they always are.

  20. This is great and we love you, that is all xo

  21. Man flu! Ugh, the worst. How about stocking the fridge? I left for two weeks and my husband survived on frozen meatballs and Del Taco. When I came back I had to dump leftovers from before I left. Women rule.

  22. When I make up scenarios that might possibly (read also: will probably never) happen, I usually make faces to go with them. Sometimes in public. So that's cool.

  23. When I make up scenarios that might possibly (read also: will probably never) happen, I usually make faces to go with them. Sometimes in public. So that's cool.

  24. Oh, so true. The man flu. It is seriously the most annoying!

  25. Hahah this is Amazing! I just can't agree with the whole cartwheel thing. Never been able to do one of those ^-^