Beth Johnson- Catfish Edition #2

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Meet Beth Johnson.

She likes Long Island Medium, The Brass Rail bar in Lincoln (who doesn't?) and Michael's Cantina. Gross, C'mon Beth, go to Ricardos. And judging by the fact she also likes "Divots Concert Series" I have to assume she's from the town where I grew up, Norfolk, Nebraska.

You guys. YOU GUYS.

There is a girl who looks exactly like me in my hometown, which is rather small I must say, and I never knew about it! How does this happen? What else don't I know about? I woke up today in such a great mood because it's already 80 degrees, I'm going to walk shelter pups in an hour, and I slept pretty good thinking I knew the world. Then suddenly I wake up and find out I have a twin.

Did my parents give her away at birth? Did she try to eat me in the womb? Did I try to eat her? Have we possibly met at summer camp?

Does she realize how awful her hair color is in that photo and the fact she has a long 70s shag going on? Sorry Beth, now I'm just being catty. That was unnecessary. I'm sure you're a very nice girl. You have clearly bought one of the Talk Herbie To Me "GBR" shirts I sell which I really appreciate.

There's no reason for me to be a snot. I think I just got intimidated for a second. You have scary slanty eyes that make me think you're judging me. But I know you're (probably) not.

So Beth, if you're reading this please come forward. I don't say this often because I can be a bit of an introvert, but I have feeling we could be best friends! I've always wanted a twin that I could be better than. Just kidding. But no I'm not, I feel like you get me already. This is so us. Meeting on the internet like this.

Our birthday is next week. Let's celebrate together. We've been apart too long. To show you how excited I am I made this photo so you can seee you how fun it will be when we get together. (I'm not very good at photo editing, but I bet you're not either.) Typical Beth and Tay lols!

I'm so excited about this. Just don't be skinnier than me. Ha!


PS that means Best Twins Forever.

PSS if this is a catfish boy am I going to feel silly. But it wouldn't be the first time... (click here!)


  1. bahahahaha! Please write a post chronicling your photoshopped adventures together.

  2. I mean .. who wouldn't want to be you?? How'd you track her down?? I'm so happy for you and your long-lost sister.

  3. LORD! People love being you! Twinsies!

  4. This post is the highlight of my morning. You're definitely going to have to blog about it when you and your Best Twin Forever meet up.

    But actually where do these people come from and when do they decide that being crazy lurkers is a good idea???

  5. Hahahaha I lost it at the photoshop edit. You should e-mail Neve and that other dude who just walks around with a Go Pro and get on the show!

  6. Hahha this is crazy! It's actually a little scary at the same time. People are sooo weird!

  7. you are so unlucky with this stuff. but you can't help it, people just want your face!

  8. Why does this keep happening to you?! So creepy. And how are you finding them?

  9. this is equal parts funny and creepy, but then again, it's mostly just creepy. I think you guys will get along quite nicely, unless Beth happens to just be an old man with a cat.


  10. Love the pic of you together. How did you find this?! It's funny but scary too!

  11. Damn Beth Johnson is a total looker. I'd hit that.

  12. Are those really your super toned arms?! Or did she put your head on her body or something? I'm also curious if you're packing heat because that shirt is strangely jutting out into the right arm in the picture. This is just all around bizarre, especially to happen twice!

  13. Oh my gosh, this is funny...I mean, it is but it isn't at the same time...I'm torn! Ha!

    Mandie ~

  14. What are the your own hometown? Amazing! And that is some great photoshopping. I think you two will really hit it off when you finally meet!

  15. Oh dear! How did you even find out about this?