Printing Photos With Crafted Prints

Saturday, May 2, 2015

I remember a time when I used to live for disposable cameras. I'd finish the last five shots on something terrible like a close up of my bedspread or a pic of my cat's tongue and then I'd run the camera over to Walgreens and patiently wait four days for them to be ready. (24 hour used to be $4 extra and no thank you.)

It's funny to me that in today's photo obsessed world we rarely develop real photos anymore. We're content to just let them live on our phone. Or at least we used to be.

After posting nearly 1400 photos on Instagram in the past 3+ years, I decided it was probably time I get some of those photos developed. I mean, why not? I've got all of these great photos (of Harlow) and it's time to get them off my phone.

So I turned to Crafted Prints to start printing my Instagram photos. I got a mix of the vintage and square prints and they turned out great!

And they are super affordable, you can get up to 20 prints for only $12! The quality is simply wonderful, let's just say things have changed a bit since the days of developing disposable cameras.

My mom was in town last week and she loved looking at all of the photos and I was kicking myself I didn't think to order any for her for Mother's Day! But I suppose I can always make up for it with my dad next month for Father's Day... Don't let parents fool you, they're just as vain as we are, they love photos of themselves. I suggest starting with these awesome magnets.

To order your own prints and see all of the fun stuff you can do with your photos check out Crafted Prints website here. 

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