Sweat, Cycle & Soul

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Today's Saturday Takeover post is for all of my friends in and around the Omaha area. I'm going to introduce you to an awesome fitness boutique studio you must try out if you haven't already, Sweat Cycle and Soul, located in West Omaha at 180 & Q.

1. What is your most popular class?
Our most popular class is Pedal & Pump. Our Spinning class with an upper body component! This ride incorporate the use of light hand weights and upper body exercises right on the bike. You will walk away from class knowing you got a full body workout!

2. What experience level is necessary?
We literally have a newbie in every single class! We have an incredible team that will make you feel comfortable from the time you walk in the door, during the set up of your equipment and throughout your workout! That's the best part of group fitness, all levels can get a super effective workout. We dance in the bike, we get friendly with the TRX and have a love hate relationship with pliĆ© squats at the barre; we don't overthink anything- after all it's just exercise. 

3. Tell us more about the environment at Sweat, Cycle & Soul.
The environment at SCS is super positive. Our main goal is to empower you mind, body and soul. At the start of every class, the instructor will set an intention for the workout ahead. It may be something like "find your better" or "today we ride with the same energy we want to live our life with" a phrase that gets woven throughout the workout when the hills get steep or the push-ups get hard. 

We ditch the drill sergeant mentality and inspire you to find the strength that already lies within you. We strive to give you more than just a physical workout, but something you can take with you when you leave our four walls; a balance of the whole person you are.  

All of our Spin classes are done in a candle lit room to allow people to zone out and ditch any body image junk.

4. I need to get in shape for this summer, can you help?

We can help! We suggest you commit to 4 classes a week, a mix of cardio and strength training based classes, and you can see change quick! Our Spinning classes torch 600+ calories in 50 minutes!!

Omaha pals, ready to try this awesome studio?

Your first class is FREE! Sign up by clicking here. Follow on Instagram @sweatcyclesoul and on Facebook by clicking here.

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