1 Year From Today

Thursday, July 23, 2015

And the countdown is on.

One year from today I'll be waking up in Steamboat, Colorado on my wedding day. As I sit here writing this I'm trying to envision what that will feel like and I can't help but get so excited.

Ideally, I'd like to start the day off with a Bloody Mary. Naturally.

Then gab a bit with my besties about how fun the rehearsal dinner was the night previous. I'm a big big fan of rehearsal dinners. I love the relaxed intimate moment of everyone getting together to celebrate the weekend that is about to unfold. And I also think the rehearsal dinner tends to get a little crazy. And knowing Chris's monster crew there's certain to be at least one guy who does something really stupid that we can all talk and laugh about the next day.

I know it's very girly of me, but I also love the part on wedding days when all of the girls sit around and get their hair and makeup done together. It reminds me of college when I lived with my best friends and we did that every night. I love that moment with the friends I only get to see about one or two times a year.

As for the hair and makeup, let's not talk about that right now. This is my daydream and I don't want to ruin it.

The getting ready part, putting on the dress, the last touches, it's all just fluff when I think that moment when I see my handsome groom for the first time. I'm not very traditional, so I prefer to be the one waiting with my back turned while Chris runs up to me all shy and full of giggles, then coyly taps my shoulder. And then I turn around and pick him up gushing how great he looks.

Sometimes I entertain myself far too much with the thoughts that go through my head. I just envisioned that scenario and I'll probably be getting a kick out of it all day.

But seriously. That whole "first reveal" is such a weirdly intimate moment to me for some reason; I'm not sure I want it photographed. It might make me super awkward and uncomfortable. Maybe that moment might be best if it just happens and the only two people who see it are the ones living it.

Talk to me next year at this time and I may have changed my mind...

The ceremony itself will be personal and pretty short. Harlow will be the ring bearer (obviously.) And then I'm hoping he'll sit like a little gentlemen next to Chris's groomsmen. What I hope for and what actually happens rarely seems to cross paths...

We're going to exchange our own vows. I've already written mine in my head 100 times over. I'm assuming I'll probably write Chris's too.

And that moment when we walk back down the aisle as husband and wife is probably the moment I am most excited about. I'm playing it in my head right now and I get a rush just thinking about it. That's the moment I want to live in for awhile.

And then it's time to let loose.

The reception. The champagne. The speeches. The band. The weird wedding dancing. These are my favorite things! I can't wait for this stuff. I get absolutely giddy when I think about being in a such a beautiful place surrounded by so many of our friends and family. It just doesn't get any better.

Only 365 days...

If there's anything I know about time, it's that it goes really fast.

So one year from today, it's wedding time. And also party time.


  1. YAY! So exciting, Taylor!

  2. How exciting!! And that picture at the end is the best. :)

  3. This is all so exciting! And you're right, that time with your best girlfriends all in the same place is irreplaceable. And the reception is absolutely the best and most fun part. Counting down!

  4. That is so exciting!!! Time will fly by!

  5. It's true about having your girlfriends around you, getting ready! It seems like it's been ages since my friends and I pregamed a little too hard and our makeup/outfit decisions suffered...

    But anyway, best of luck!!! :)

  6. I can't believe it's one year away. I'm really so excited for you and I LOVE that y'all are writing your vows. I just went to a friends last weekend and they wrote their own and I cried. I have no doubt your wedding will be one for the books.

  7. It's very exciting, and make sure you enjoy all the fun parties along the way! i.e., engagement, bridal shower, bachelorette, etc. Also, what is Harlow's role in this shindig?

    1. ringbearer of course :) Knox will be walking him down.

  8. Very fun to think about!! Walking out is the best. The stress is over, you're so happy, and there's a PARTY to come. What made you guys decide on Steamboat? I know you grew up in Nebraska obviously, but do you have family in CO? Just curious!

    1. Chris's family has always had a place there so he's been going since he was a baby. Then I started going with him in college :) it's just a beautiful place full of good memories.

  9. Oh man, my absolute favorite moment of my wedding day was when we had almost everyone on the dance floor dancing to “Shout!” by The Isley Brothers. Everyone was singing and dancing and throwing their arms in the air, and I remember thinking, Is this real??? This is the best day ever!!

  10. That time is going to race by! haha to you also writing Chris' vows! (super cute that you guys are doing your own vows btw)

  11. This year is going to fly by, but that's also a good thing too because that means that the wedding will be here before you know it. Having Harlow as the ring bearer is going to be awesome, especially since he's such a big part of y'all's lives.

  12. So exciting!!! The time will fly by and your wedding will be here before you know it! Enjoy every second of it :)

  13. I can't wait to see EVERY detail of your wedding (Because I know you are going to be that bride, whether you like it or not). It is going to be the best day!

  14. So exciting! Eeek! I loved sitting around with all my girls the morning of my wedding getting our hair & makeup done. It was super fantastic!

    The countdown is on! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  15. yay!!!!! steamboat is beautiful and your wedding is going to be amazing!

    i totally just officiated a wedding (i know, crazy right?! i'm available if you need me ha!) and they totally had their dog as the ring bearer! she's obsessed with tennis balls so they put the rings in a little pouch, slit a hole in the ball and then someone threw it down the aisle a little ways and she brought it to us! it was amazing.

  16. I can't wait to follow along for the next 365 as you go on your journey to your wedding day! Thanks for sharing, The excitement is palpable and I'm getting just as excited to see everything fall into place :)

  17. Yay how exciting!! I'll be getting married the weekend before you and I seriously get a rush thinking about the little things that are going to happen. Definitely with you on the whole awkward thing, not sure how I'll feel with cameras clicking away at every moment, but I guess it's something you gotta deal with.

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